Is your company in need of a commercial ice machine in Pleasanton?  You’ve probably considered buying or leasing an ice machine.  Until recently, these were your only options.

Easy Ice is revolutionizing the way businesses supply customers and employees with ice through ice machine subscriptions.  No capital required!

Easy Ice is the only national company offering an all-inclusive program that guarantees you always have ice.  No hidden fees!

Ice machine subscriptions are easy!  For an affordable monthly fee, your company is outfitted with the highest quality commercial ice maker from Hoshizaki.  Easy Ice technicians handle all preventive maintenance and repairs.  All repairs — parts and labor — are cover in our ice machine subscriptions!

If you own a commercial ice machine in Pleasanton, you’re responsible for all maintenance and repairs.  These added expenses add up quickly.  Ice machines need frequent routine maintenance as well as water filter replacements.  If water filters are not replaced in a timely manner, the sanitation and taste of the ice can be comprised.  Plus, the ice maker will not run efficiently.

Easy Ice subscriptions include biannual standard water filters!

Pleasanton companies depend on ice.  This busy suburb of San Francisco has a large population and numerous high tech companies.  And anywhere there’s a lot of people, you need a lot of ice!

Owning a commercial ice machine means unexpected expenses for years.  If you lease an ice maker, you’re tied into a long-term lease.  Subscriptions are lease-free for qualified customers!  All the ice your Pleasanton business requires for a low monthly charge.  Subscriptions start at $135 a month for 600 lbs. of ice!

We understand that ice machines are complicated pieces of equipment.  Sometimes they break.  We get that.  Subscriptions include Breakdown Ice in case we can’t repair the ice maker quickly.  The days of sending an employee out for bagged ice are over with Easy Ice subscriptions!

Restaurants in Pleasanton need commercial ice makers.  So do hotels.  And schools.  Convenience stores, golf courses, corporate facilities and hospitals all depend on a reliable supply of ice.

Easy Ice is a national company and we service all parts of California, including Pleasanton.  Why spend capital on ice machines when you can gave all the ice you need without capital expense?  Subscriptions are hassle-free, affordable and dependable!

If your business needs a commercial ice machine in Pleasanton or nearby cities (Livermore, Concord, Walnut Creek, Stockton, Oakland, etc…), you need Easy Ice!