The only all-inclusive commercial ice machine program in Poway! Affordable, dependable and simple!

Do you use a commercial ice machine in your business?  Have you ever wished there was a simpler way to provide your customers and employees with ice other than buying or leasing a commercial ice maker in Poway?  Companies in Poway have access to ice machine subscriptions, which are better than leasing or buying!

Leasing a commercial ice maker is restrictive.  You have to sign on to a long-term lease and if you need a larger or smaller ice machine, you’ll have to pay penalties.  Subscriptions are more flexible and affordable than ice machine leases.  Most customers (qualified customers) don’t even have to sign a term lease!  Our affordable subscriptions are month-to-month with no penalty for cancellation or equipment upgrades.

Flexible, affordable ice machine subscriptions start as low as $4 a day! $4 a day for a guaranteed supply of ice!

Subscriptions are better than buying ice machines too.  If you buy a commercial ice maker in Poway, you’re stuck with ongoing repair and maintenance expenses.  And if your business grows and you need more ice production, you’ll have to spend more capital buying a larger unit.  Plus the hassle of trying to sell the smaller ice maker.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are fully inclusive.  We buy the ice machine for you (we use Hoshizaki) and we completely maintain them.  Hoshizaki ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers are energy-effiecient, durable and made here in the U.S.A.  You won’t find a longer lasting commercial ice machine!

Biannual preventive maintenance calls are included in ice machine subscriptions.  Our technicians are pre-scheduled to visit your Poway business.  They clean the ice makers and inspect them for any potential problems.  We replace the water filters every 6 months so you know that your ice is always safe and clean.  Standard water filters are Free!

Repairs to the ice machine are always included in subscriptions.  If the ice maker has a problem, simply call our 24/7 customer service center and we’ll arrange for service at your Poway site.  Simple!  No Hassle!

Easy Ice has thought of everything so our customers always have ice without stress.  If a repair can’t be completed quickly, subscriptions include Breakdown Ice to ensure you always have ice for your guests or employees.

Poway business owners and managers have better things to do with their time than fuss with an ice machine!  Subscriptions are available throughout the country, the San Diego area and Poway.

Subscriptions are perfect for restaurants, health clubs, marinas, sports facilities, schools, churches, convenience stores and corporate facilities in Poway.  If your business depends on ice in Poway, San Marcos, Escondido, Santee, La Mesa, El Cajon, Alpine or San Diego, you need an Easy Ice subscription!  Getting a commercial ice maker in Poway has never been easier!