Getting a commercial ice machine for your Richmond business has never been easier!

Have you been looking at new commercial ice makers in Richmond for your company?  Did you know there’s a more cost-effective way to seamlessly provide ice for your customers and employees in Richmond than buying or leasing ice machines?

Commercial ice maker subscriptions are the preferred choice for companies in Richmond and across the country that count on having ice in their ice bins!

Ice machine subscriptions require No Capital, are all-inclusive and are more flexible than ice machine leases!

A commercial ice machine subscription from Easy Ice gives your Richmond business a low fixed price for ice month after month!  Everything to keep the ice machine running optimally is included in our low monthly rates!  Subscriptions as low a $129/month for 600lbs of ice per day!  You’re not going to find a better value for commercial ice makers in Richmond than a subscription!

Call our 24/7, U.S.-based Customer Service team and we’ll send a rep to your Richmond location for a free onsite survey and estimate. We help you select the best Hoshizaki ice machine (size and ice making capability) for your needs. If you need an ice bin and/or ice dispenser, we can help you with those too.

No capital required to sign a commercial ice machine subscription!  A small one-time fee is charged for professional and installation at your Richmond business.  From there on, you pay the same low fixed price every month for the equipment, maintenance, repairs, cleanings, water filters and Breakdown Ice.

Qualified Richmond businesses don’t sign a term lease!  Our flexible ice maker program allows qualified customers to cancel their subscription without penalty with just 30 days notice.  You won’t find terms like this in Richmond with a typical ice machine lease or rental!

Buying commercial ice makers in Richmond means thousands of dollars in upfront capital.  And that’s just the beginning of the expenses!  If you’ve owned an ice machine at your Richmond business, you know the drill.  Preventive maintenance, routine deep cleanings and water filters equal hundred of additional dollars you spend each year.

The biggest and most unpredictable expense when you own a commercial ice maker is repairs.  You’re busy running your Richmond business.  Do you really have time to find a reliable repair person spur of the moment?  Are you confident you’re not being overcharged for labor or parts?  And what if the ice machine can’t be repaired for a few days?

Just because your ice machine is down doesn’t mean your Richmond business no longer needs ice.  That means you’re forced to buy bagged ice until it’s fixed.  A busy restaurant can go through $300-$400 of bagged ice a night!

Any company in Richmond with foodservice needs a commercial ice machine on site.  Restaurants, hotels, hospitals and convenience stores depend on ice makers.  Churches, health clubs, schools, corporate and government facilities, landscapers and freight companies in Richmond need ice machines too.  Our low cost solution means that nearly any company that uses ice can afford an ice machine subscription!

We offer service throughout the country and in most areas of Virginia.  Subscriptions are the ultimate solution for companies that depend on ice in Richmond, Lakeside, East Highland Park, Laurel, Colonial Heights, Williamsburg or Fredericksburg.  Getting commercial ice makers in Richmond has never been easier!