We’ve made ice machine rental in Ridgefield better than it’s ever been. Learn more below!

The charming little borough of Ridgefield is a great place to do business, just across the Hudson River from NYC. It’s the kind of place where you could stay open for decades, thanks to the loyalty of regular customers who you come to know on a first-name basis. If that’s the kind of success you aspire to achieve, you’ll have to get the basics right, including your ice supply. Clean, consistent ice is the kind of thing everybody takes for granted, only noticing when it isn’t available. Make sure your customers get to take it for granted 365 days a year, with the best commercial ice machine you can find.

Icesurance, a long-time commercial ice machine provider based in Mamaroneck, NY, has joined the Easy Ice team to bring business owners in your area this exceptional solution. If you’re considering ice machine rental in Ridgefield, we can guarantee you won’t find an option better than ours.

For one monthly payment, we provide these features as part of our subscription:

That’s the best value for your money in the commercial ice machine market.

3 ice cubes

Tired of dealing with ice machine issues on your own?
Find out how Easy Ice makes them disappear.

With an Easy Ice subscription, you get access to the most experienced and well-trained ice machine technicians in the business.

Buying and owning a commercial ice machine is an expensive inconvenience. Just like a car, an ice maker comes with a hefty price tag and incurs ongoing maintenance and repair bills after purchase. Neglect the maintenance and you’ll end up with unexpected problems on your hands. When you own your ice maker, you have to find a trustworthy service company and keep track of your ice maker’s maintenance. When the ice machine needs fixing, you’ll have to pay for those repairs out of pocket—and they’re never cheap. Just as bad as the cost is having to disappoint your customers when you explain there’s no ice for their beverages.

An Easy Ice subscription beats ice machine ownership by a mile. And it’s not just another ice machine rental in Ridgefield. It’s an all-inclusive alternative that bundles the equipment with the service it needs. We guarantee two professional maintenance visits a year, during which our technicians will deep clean and inspect the ice machine, at no extra cost. Ice machine manufacturers recommend this level of maintenance to prevent dirty ice and future breakdowns. We’ll take such good care of the ice maker at your business, you won’t have to worry about those possibilities—but if the ice machine ever does malfunction or when it eventually needs a new part due to age, we’ll keep the repairs as painless as possible. Your subscription rate covers them all! And your backup ice is on us too. We won’t leave you and your customers without ice for long. To top it all off, our customer service line is open 7 days a week, so you can always get the help you need.

We Also Offer….

If you know you want to buy an ice machine in Ridgefield rather than rent one, we’re still your go-to shop! We sell the same industry-leading brands of commercial ice equipment that are available through our subscription. We can accommodate any ice type preference or daily amount of ice you want. Our sales team can help you choose the perfect make and model for your business and budget. Call us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Already own a commercial ice maker and need a service company you can count on? You found the best! We deliver the highest quality ice machine maintenance in Ridgefield to both our subscription customers and ice machine owners. Whatever ice maker model you have, our technicians can clean and inspect it the right way. Remember: commercial ice equipment needs professional maintenance at least every six months. Don’t neglect yours. Let us take care of it. We also perform ice machine repair in Ridgefield, so if your ice maker isn’t working well or stopped working completely, schedule an appointment with us.

We’re proud to work with business owners throughout the New York City metro area and northern New Jersey. We offer our unique ice machine subscription in Ridgefield, Secaucus, Fort Lee, Paramus, Hackensack, Hoboken, and beyond. Ready to experience the Easy Ice difference for yourself? Contact us today!