Ice machine ownership is too expensive and inconvenient. Choose our version of ice machine rental in Paramus!

You want to deliver the kind of customer experience people in Paramus will rave about, right? Start with the basics. Whether they show up at your business after shopping at one of the city’s many malls, golfing at Saddle River Country Park, or visiting the animals at Bergen County Zoo, they’re going to expect ice in their drinks. Make sure you always have as much clean ice as they want, with the right ice maker.

Not all ice machine rentals in Paramus are created equal. Icesurance has teamed up with Easy Ice to give business owners like you a superior alternative to both ice machine ownership and traditional ice machine rentals.

For one monthly payment, an Easy Ice subscription gives you:

That’s the best value for your money you’ll find in the commercial ice machine market.

An Easy Ice subscription gives you access to the most experienced, most well-trained ice machine technicians in the industry.

It’s true that commercial ice machines are pricey. It’s also true they’ll cost you money in ongoing maintenance and repairs for as long as you own them. But the spending you’ll do isn’t the only downside of ice maker ownership. The other one is the demand on your time and attention. Taking care of your ice machine properly means finding a trustworthy service company and scheduling maintenance appointments at least every six months. If you don’t, you’ll eventually end up with dirty ice and an under-performing or broken ice machine. Then you’ll have to deal with buying ice bags or explaining to your customers why there’s no ice. You might even run into trouble if the health inspector peeks into the ice machine and discovers mold, slime, and other nasty residue. The bottom line is commercial ice machines need a level of care you probably don’t want to deal with, and it isn’t cheap.

An Easy Ice subscription is a better version of traditional ice machine rental in Paramus. You get more than a commercial ice maker. We also offer two preventive maintenance visits a year, per manufacturer recommendation, along with all repairs and backup ice. Our maintenance includes deep cleaning, filters, and a complete inspection of the ice machine’s major internal components. It’s the best way to keep your ice sanitary and avoid ice maker breakdowns. If the ice machine ever does stop working or needs an old, worn-down part replaced, you won’t have to worry about paying for it out of pocket. We cover all repairs at no extra charge—even the expensive ones! While the ice machine is out of service, we’ll make sure you have all the backup ice you need to keep customers satisfied. Our customer service line is open 7 days a week, so you can always have your ice machine questions and concerns addressed in a timely manner.

We Also Offer….

Already own a commercial ice maker that needs some TLC? You’re in luck! We provide the best ice machine maintenance in Paramus not only to our subscription customers but to ice machine owners. If you can’t remember the last time your ice maker was professionally cleaned or how old the water and air filters are, make a maintenance appointment with us ASAP. It’s the only way to keep your ice supply clean and prevent future equipment breakdowns. If your ice machine is out of order or not working the way it usually does, let us know you need an ice machine repair in Paramus, and we’ll fix the issue as soon as we can.

If you’ve decided you want to buy an ice machine in Paramus instead of renting one, we’re still your best option! We sell the same consumer-favorite brands of commercial ice makers available through our subscription: Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Kold-Draft, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic. Any ice type, any production capacity, any condenser style—we can sell it to you. Call us to get the conversation started and our sales team will help you pick the ice maker that’s right for you.

We proudly serve business owners throughout the New York City metro area and northern New Jersey. Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription is available in Paramus, Fort Lee, Hoboken, Secaucus, Hackensack, Lodi, Ridgefield, and beyond. Ready to get your next ice machine the Easy way? Contact us today!