We’ve made ice machine rental in Lodi better than it’s ever been. Learn more below!

You have the potential to build a regionally well-known business in Lodi. All you need to do is create a truly excellent customer experience from beginning to end, for each person who walks through your door. A clean, high-performing ice machine is one tool you’ll have to secure to pull that off. We’re here to give it to you in the most convenient way possible.

Long-time New York-based company Icesurance has joined the Easy Ice team to bring the nation’s only all-inclusive ice machine subscription to Bergen County. We’re here to transform ice machine rental in Lodi for the benefit of business owners like you.

For one monthly payment, we offer everything you need to maintain your ice supply:

You won’t find a better deal on commercial ice equipment anywhere in New Jersey!

With an Easy Ice subscription, you get access to the most experienced and well-trained ice machine technicians in the business.

Ice machine ownership doesn’t just cost you money. It costs you time and energy. It adds to the stress of running a business. You have to search for a reliable ice machine service company and hope the first one you try is the right one. You have to remember to schedule ice machine maintenance at least every six months, and your ice maker might need more frequent cleanings than that, based on your environment. If you don’t keep up with maintenance, you’ll end up with dirty ice, and that could lead to a bad health inspection grade or customer complaints. If your ice machine breaks down or stops working efficiently, you’ll have to pay for repairs—and they’re never cheap. You’ll also need to go buy bags of ice while the machine is out of order or deal with disappointing your customers. You’ll spend more time thinking about and dealing with your ice machine than with any other piece of equipment your business uses.

An Easy Ice subscription allows you to forget about your ice supply. We take care of your preventive maintenance, tracking your appointment schedule for you. Your monthly subscription rate covers all repairs, no matter how major, so you don’t have to budget for them. You won’t have to spend any time looking around for a good, local ice machine service company. You’ll have our number from the day we deliver the ice machine to your business, and our customer service team will take your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the ice machine ever does break down, we won’t leave you iceless for long. We provide backup ice while you wait for us to solve the problem. All the stress and much of the expense disappears from your ice machine experience with an Easy Ice subscription. When you compare it to traditional ice machine rental in Lodi, there’s no contest.

We Also Offer….

If you know you want to buy an ice machine in Lodi instead of renting, you’re still in the right place. We sell the same consumer-favorite brands of ice makers that we offer through our subscription. Whether you know exactly which model you want or need help narrowing down your options, our sales team will make the buying process as smooth as possible. When you buy from Easy Ice, you’ll walk away happy with your new ice machine and the customer service you experienced. Call us whenever you’re ready to make your purchase.

Already own a commercial ice maker that needs some attention? We’ve got you there too. We deliver the best ice machine maintenance in Lodi to both our subscription customers and ice machine owners. Our highly trained technicians will treat your ice machine as if it was one of our own, cleaning and inspecting it flawlessly every time. Is your ice maker out of order? Don’t wait any longer to get it back up and running! Make an appointment with us and we’ll perform the best ice machine repair in Lodi.

We’re excited to offer our ice machine subscription throughout the New York City metro area and northern New Jersey. We work with business owners in Lodi, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Secaucus, Ridgefield, East Rutherford, Paramus, and beyond. Ready to join them? Contact us today!