All-inclusive and affordable subscriptions for commercial ice makers in Rockville!  No Hassle.  No Risk.  Just Ice!

Has your Rockville business been frustrated paying hundreds in repairs for an old ice machine?  Have you wished there was another option other than buying or leasing?  There is.  It’s called a commercial ice maker subscription!  They are the fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice makers in the country!  Thousands of companies across the country, in Maryland and in Rockville have switched to ice machine subscriptions.

Subscriptions start at just $135 a month for a 600lbs capacity Hoshizaki ice machine!

When you call Easy Ice we will begin by giving you a free estimate and onsite survey.  If you are a qualifying business we only require a monthly contract with no cancelation fees.  This gives you flexibility that you could never have if you buy or lease.

To receive your ice maker only pay the setup fee.  The setup fee is equal to one month’s subscription price.  Then you will have a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine installed for you.  These ice makers are manufactured and assembled right here in America! Hoshizaki is known for their durable and energy-efficient commercial ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers.

Your subscription fee pays for everything.  To prevent breakdowns we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance cleanings.  These cleanings allow our service partners to inspect the equipment and keep your ice clean and safe for your customers and employees. If your Rockville business depends on ice, you need Easy Ice!  The country’s simplest solution for companies that depend on ice.

We even pay for 2 standard water filter changes each year!

Even when an ice maker is cleaned properly and maintained they can still break down.  Since you don’t want to deal with any of the hassle we make the promise to deal with the hassle for you.  Just call our 24/7 customer support line and we will take care of the rest. No need for you to find a local repair person in Rockville.  We have a team of service techs ready when needed.

We will have a service technician alerted of the problem.  They will be out to your Rockville business the same day or within 48 hours to repair the problem.   If they can’t be out the same day we pay for Breakdown Ice.  We don’t want to leave you paying an extra dime for a cube of ice if you’re our customer.

If your business in Rockville is growing we want to help you.  We designed our subscription service to ensure that you wouldn’t be penalized if you needed to trade up to larger capacity commercial ice makers in Rockville.  We call this Ice Machine Upsizing.  Just call Easy Ice, pay the setup fee on the new equipment, and we will install the ice machine at your Rockville location.  Easy as that!

Our service extends throughout the Rockville area and throughout the country.  If you are in Gaithersburg, Potomac, Aspen Hill, North Bethesda, Travilah, Germantown, or Columbia give us a call.  We service the entire Washington D.C. and Baltimore region!  Getting commercial ice makers in Rockville has never been easier!