Most reliable ice machine program in San Mateo! Compare to leasing or owning!

Is your San Mateo business in need of a new commercial ice machine?  Before you spend capital on buying a commercial ice machine in San Mateo or sign a long-term lease, you need to know about subscriptions.

Ice machine subscriptions are the fastest growing segment of the ice machine industry.  More affordable and dependable than owning, ice maker subscriptions are the go-to choice for companies in San Mateo (and across the nation) that rely on ice.  Smart business owners are increasingly choosing Easy Ice subscriptions over leasing or buying a commercial ice machine in San Mateo.

Subscriptions are dependable, affordable, flexible and simple!

No other national company has all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions!  And we have service in San Mateo and all over Northern California.

When you’re running a business, budgeting is very important.  Our predictable monthly billing is one of the features our customers love about Easy Ice subscriptions.  Owning a commercial ice machine is full of added (and unexpected) expenses; repairs, maintenance, replacement ice, water filters, maintenance and cleanings.  Our ice machine subscriptions include All of these expenses associated with ownership.

San Mateo in in the heart of the Peninsula and has many restaurants, hospitals, schools, churches and hotels. Not to mention the corporate facilities located in San Mateo.  All of these businesses use commercial ice machines.  Ice is important for so many industries in San Mateo and Easy Ice has the most reliable solution for keeping your ice bin full.

Our technicians fully maintain the ice machines, keeping them running at their best.  But if they do malfunction and need repair, we handle it at no cost. Repairs, parts and labor are always Free with Easy Ice subscriptions!

And if we can’t repair your commercial ice machine in San Mateo quickly, we provide our customers with Breakdown Ice.  If the repair is taking too long and you need ice, we reimburse our customers for any bagged ice they may need to purchase.  Simple and stress-free!

We recently asked celebrity chef Robert Irvine if restaurant owners should own an ice machine.  And his answer was “absolutely not!”. Chef Robert is a restaurant operations expert and he knows the expenses and hassles of buying a commercial ice machine.

Listen to the expert — don’t buy an ice machine! Our subscriptions are simple and affordable.  We’re the only ice machine company that offers peace of mind benefits.  When we say no hassles or worry, we mean it!

We have service in San Mateo and up and down the Peninsula. If you need a commercial ice machine in San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Bruno, Redwood City, Mountain View or anywhere in California, you need Easy Ice!

Call us today and we’ll send a representative to your San Mateo business for an on-site inspection and free estimate.