Most affordable and dependable program to guarantee your Santa Ana business always has ice!

Does your company in Santa Ana depend on a commercial ice machine? Have you longed for a better option than buying or leasing a commercial ice maker in Santa Ana? For years business owners and managers in Santa Ana and across the country have been asking this question. Finally, there is a better solution to your Santa Ana company’s ice needs!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are more cost-effective than buying or leasing. Subscriptions are flexible and dependable — things you can’t count on if you own or lease a commercial ice maker in Santa Ana.

Ice machine subscriptions are the only end-to-end solution for all ice needs!  Reliable, predictable and affordable!

What exactly is a subscription, you may ask? For a reasonable monthly fee Easy Ice provides companies in Santa Ana (and nationwide) with a state of the art Hoshizaki ice machine. Hoshizaki is known for manufacturing high quality and energy efficient commercial ice makers, ice bins and ice dispensers. We’ve purchased thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines for our customers across the country. We’ve found them to be the most reliable and long-lasting ice machines.

We fully service the ice makers for you. Ice machine subscriptions include all preventive maintenance. We send technicians to your Santa Ana site to inspect and clean the ice machines every 6 months. We diagnose and fix any potential issues and we replace the water filters. Standard water filters are included in subscriptions!

Even a well-maintained ice machine can break down. Ice machines are notoriously finicky pieces of equipment. But if you have an ice machine from Easy Ice in your Santa Ana business, you don’t have to worry or stress if the ice maker breaks. Subscriptions include all repairs! Parts and labor included — No Hidden Fees!

Celebrity chefs who own restaurants like Robert Irvine, Marc Murphy and Richard Blaise all use our ice machine subscriptions instead of owning their own.  Restaurants in Santa Ana and all over the country depend on a reliable ice machine on site.  Follow the lead of our celebrity chef restaurateurs and get a subscription commercial ice maker in Santa Ana!

Remember the days when you had to send an employee out to buy bagged ice while you wait for repairs? With an ice machine subscription, those days are over! If we’re unable to repair the ice maker quickly, we provide our customers with Free Breakdown Ice!

You won’t find a more affordable or stress free ice machine program in Santa Ana! We have customers all over Southern California. We provide subscriptions to restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, schools and corporate facilities in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Orange, Irvine, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Fullerton and Newport Beach.