Commercial ice machines without capital or risk in Scottsdale!

Are you thinking of replacing a commercial ice machine in Scottsdale?  Or, perhaps, you are in need of a commercial ice maker for the first time.  Either way, if you need commercial ice makers in Scottsdale for your business, Easy Ice has the best solution.

Why spend capital purchasing a commercial ice maker when Easy Ice has a risk-free way of getting an ice machine into your Scottsdale business?  You may think owning a commercial ice maker is cost-effective until you factor in all of the expenses incurred by an ice maker.

Commercial ice machine ownership usually proves to be stressful. Ice machines tend to break at the most inconvenient times and finding a qualified repair person isn’t always easy.  Commercial ice machine repairs are costly and you can’t predict when these extra bills will come along.

Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions are predictable.  Customers tell us that they like having one set price that they pay every month instead of unpredictable expenses due to commercial ice makers in Scottsdale.

Our ice machine subscriptions include all repairs — labor and Hoshizaki parts. Never see a surprise ice maker repair bill again!

The Scottsdale area has over 600 restaurants and over 80 wine bars and clubs. Needless to say, in Scottsdale where they get 330 sunny days a year, the nightlife is hopping. Residents and tourists enjoying dining al fresco.  And any dining experience usually involves ice.

Ice in drinks and ice in food preparation means every Scottsdale restaurant, cafe, bar and nightclub depends on having a steady supply of ice.  Easy Ice customers never have to worry about the performance of their ice machines or if they will have enough ice in the bin. We completely guarantee the performance of our ice makers.

Since Scottsdale has so many sunny days and a warm climate it’s become one of the top destinations for golfers. The Scottsdale area boasts nearly 200 golf courses and country clubs.  Golf courses are another segment that relies on commercial ice machines.  Easy Ice is the most reliable source for getting an ice maker into your Scottsdale business.

Our commercial ice makers in Scottsdale are from Hoshizaki — always top of the line and energy efficient.  Easy Ice technicians are specially trained to handle any problem or maintenance issue having to do with Hoshizaki ice makers.  Our ice machine subscriptions include all preventive maintenance and ice machine cleanings, ensuring you always have safe, clean ice.

Resorts and luxurious day spas abound in the Scottsdale area and all of them have multiple commercial ice machines on property. Better than leasing, our ice maker subscriptions include everything you need without signing a typical 3-5 year lease.  Easy Ice subscriptions can be cancelled with 30 days notice with no extra fees (for qualified customers).

We provide ice machine subscriptions all over Arizona and throughout the United States.  For the best commercial ice maker package in Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Chandler, Glendale, Fountain Hills or Apache Junction call Easy Ice!  Our customer support center is open 24/7, 365 days a year.