The most reliable and affordable program for commercial ice makers in Tucson!

Tucson companies need ice machines.  Tucson gets hot, and your business needs a reliable source of ice.  But do you really want to spend your precious capital on buying a commercial ice machine? Better than owning or signing a long-term lease, Easy Ice has developed a low-cost and dependable ice machine subscription model that will save your company money and hassle.

We guarantee you will never run out of ice by installing top of the line Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers in Tucson for your business. We also provide all maintenance and service for one low monthly fee.  With Easy Ice subscriptions, you will never have unexpected, costly ice machine repair bills again!

Easy Ice is the only national company with service in Tucson that completely guarantees commercial ice machines for a lifetime, or the ice is free.

Supplying your company with a nonstop ice supply is simple and hassle-free with Easy Ice. Not only do we cover upfront equipment and maintenance costs, but we ensure you’ll never run out of ice again. If your ice machine in Tucson is ever down, we’ll provide Breakdown Ice for your business at no extra charge until we complete the repair.

Tucson temperatures average 83F degrees, and summer days often reach triple digits daily. A Tucson business without a functional ice machine is like the desert without cacti. Your Tucson company deserves a partner who will handle all of your commercial ice machine needs even in the hot desert.

Tucson is a beautiful, sprawling city, home to the University of Arizona, the unique Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and the stunning Santa Catalina Mountains. Mount Lemmon dominates the northern Tucson skyline reaching a peak of 9,157 feet. Hikers commune with nature throughout Santa Catalina’s, and they always want an ice-cold beverage once they finish enjoying nature.

To ensure that your ice machine in Tucson is always ready to provide guests with the best, we cover biannual maintenance in your subscription. When it’s time, we’ll send an ice machine technician out to clean the unit, change any standard water filters, and keep an eye out for potential problems.

Easy Ice has helped businesses handle their ice better in Tucson and throughout Arizona. We provide our quality ice machine service in Tucson, Casa Grande, Chandler, Mesa, Florence, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. If you’re ready to see what a subscription can do for your business, contact us today!