The only national, all-inclusive program for commercial ice machines!

Does your West Palm Beach business need a new commercial ice machine?  Ice machine subscriptions are a smarter choice than buying or leasing a commercial ice maker in West Palm Beach.  West Palm Beach is warm and tropical and people depend on ice – ice in their drinks, ice under the food at the buffet, ice machines in your West Palm Beach hotel.

Easy Ice has a fully inclusive ice machine solution that’s more cost effective than owning or leasing a commercial ice maker in West Palm Beach.  We’ve included everything to ensure that ice is always available for a fixed price.  No hidden costs with Easy Ice, just a predictable monthly bill.  That’s why we call our offering a subscription.

Our program fee is predictable and fixed.  Owning a commercial ice machine means you can expect unpredictable expenses that are often expensive.  Repairs for commercial ice makers are costly and you pay even more if you need service on a weekend, off-hours or on a holiday.

If your business depends on ice and you need a commercial ice machine in West Palm Beach, Easy Ice has the best offering for you!

Easy Ice has a customer service team available 24 hours a day, every day of the year and we never add a surcharge for after hours or holiday assistance.  Our customer care squad is U.S.-based and happy to assist our customers in West Palm Beach with service issues, maintenance appointments, replacement ice or billing questions anytime of the day or night.

We have partnered with Hoshizaki ice machines (made in U.S.A.) for our ice makers, ice bins and ice dispensers.  Hoshizaki commercial ice makers are high quality and energy efficient.

Many businesses in West Palm Beach depend on ice machines as part of their business.  Customers and employees expect a source of safe, clean ice at their disposal.  Not just restaurants and bars in West Palm Beach need ice machines.  Corporate facilities, hotels, caterers, hospitals, assisted-living centers, convenience stores, commercial fishermen and golf courses in West Palm Beach require commercial ice makers onsite.

The West Palm Beach area has 3 equestrian centers and an international polo club.  These facilities also depend on well performing commercial ice machines for refreshment and for injury applications.

Easy Ice is proud to serve customers in West Palm Beach with the finest commercial ice machines and service available.  Subscriptions for commercial ice makers in West Palm Beach include Breakdown Ice.  This means if the ice machine needs repair and our techs can’t fix it quickly, we provide you with food quality bagged ice until the ice machine is working again.  Easy Ice guarantees your West Palm Beach company will always have ice in the bin!

We have sales and service reps all over Florida and the West Palm Beach area including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lantana, Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Park and Riviera Beach.

A better option to owning, leasing or renting a commercial ice maker in West Palm Beach is a subscription with Easy Ice.