Hoshizaki Troubleshooting: A Guide to Fixing Hoshizaki Ice Makers

Hoshizaki ice machines are some of the most reliable commercial ice makers on the market. But even the best commercial ice equipment can break down or malfunction. Our Hoshizaki ice machine troubleshooting guide is here to solve some of the most common ice machine issues you might encounter.

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Why is My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping?

Hoshizaki ice machines use a series of beeps from the control board to communicate problems in the system. Hoshizaki KM-series ice machines use a series of seven beep codes to alert users and technicians to all sorts of issues like high temperatures, low water flow, and low power. The first three beep codes are the most common ones we see when troubleshooting your Hoshizaki ice machine.

If the beeping is becoming distracting, you can turn it off with the alarm reset function. Press the white or black reset button on the control board to reset the system alarms. However, make sure to record the error code so that you know what kind of issue the system is warning you of.

Head over to our blog for an in-depth guide on Hoshizaki beep codes, or if you’re experiencing one, two, or three beeps, check out the sections below.

Common Hoshizaki Ice Machine Troubleshooting Tips

Leave Hoshizaki Ice Machine Troubleshooting to the Experts

When it comes to troubleshooting error codes and swapping air filters, there's no harm in doing it yourself. However, a high-quality commercial ice machine is a delicate piece of machinery that deserves an expert touch. Turn to the Ice Experts when you need in-depth troubleshooting and maintenance.

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