How Does the Breakdown Ice Program Work?

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Last updated on July 13th, 2022 at 05:03 pm

Breakdown Ice is a proprietary benefit of Easy Ice subscriptions.  Our all-inclusive commercial ice machines subscriptions include Breakdown Ice at no extra charge.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

With an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ice available throughout the day.

Breakdown Ice is replacement ice to fill the ice bin if the machine is broken and needs repair.  Our 24/7 customer service team dispatches technicians to customer sites for repairs.  We do our best to get to every customer quickly.  But, if we’re not able to repair the ice machine within 3-6 hours of your service call, Breakdown ice comes into play.

In some areas of the country, we’re able to deliver bagged ice directly to your business.  In areas where we don’t have ice delivery service, Easy Ice picks up the tab for bagged ice you buy.  Either way, we take responsibility for the costs of bagged replacement ice.

We’re the only national company with a complete end-to-end solution for all your ice needs.  When we say “ice in the bin, guaranteed”, we mean it!  

We are confident our ice machines will perform well.  We have a vested interest in maintaining the ice makers since we take the capital risk for you.  But in the event the ice maker isn’t working right, we’ve got you covered!

Savvy business owners appreciate the simplicity and dependability of our subscriptions.  The promise of Breakdown Ice is just one more reason smart businesses are choosing Easy Ice over buying or leasing ice machines.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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