Ice machines are found everywhere in hotel settings. You’ll find commercial ice makers and dispensers in nearly every corridor and on every floor of hotels. Hotel customers have come to expect food-grade quality ice at their disposal and Easy Ice 100% guarantees the hotel ice machines are performing optimally at all times.

Hotel guests expect conveniently located ice machines and dispensers at any size hotel or motel. Supplying guests with self-service ice machines has become a standard amenity. Guests don’t  feel good when they see a broken ice maker or, even worse, lack of conveniently located hotel ice machines.

Our ice makers, bins and dispensers are manufactured in the U.S.A. by the best ice machine brands in the industry. Easy Ice hotel customers can choose the commercial ice machine that best suits their quantity and sizing needs.

We offer the best ice machines and ice dispensers for hotels at the best price!

Easy Ice subscriptions are the logical choice for commercial ice machines, dispensers and bins for hotels. Our ice machine subscription service gives hotel General Managers and Facilities Managers peace of mind knowing they will never worry about their ice makers again. Easy Ice has 24/7 customer service and one call to our toll-free number handles all of your commercial ice machine and ice supply needs.

Hotels typically have a facilities staff but commercial ice machines are fickle and require specialized maintenance. Easy Ice subscriptions include all preventative maintenance and all repairs performed by our highly trained technicians. Subscription maintenance agreements also include 2 comprehensive ice machine cleanings per year and free water filters.

The Hoshizaki DB-130H model accommodates a 22” width cuber ice machine and the push button feature.  It stores 130 lbs. of ice and dispenses 20 pounds of ice per minute. The dimensions of the DB-130H ice machine dispenser are 22”w x 30”d x 53h. This model is the perfect size for any hallway or lobby.

Hoshizaki DB-200HEasy Ice also features the Hoshizaki DB-200H for hotels that need a larger ice maker and have wider space to accommodate the ice machine equipment. The DB-200H stores 200 lbs of ice and dispenses 13 pounds of cubed ice per minute and measures 30”w x 30”d x 53”h. Both the DB-130H and the DB-200H have optional card or coin mechanism feature.

Hotel managers have enough to keep them busy without concerning themselves with commercial ice machine issues. That’s why savvy hotel managers are choosing Easy Ice as their complete ice maker and ice supply solution.

Hotels and motels depend on ice machines and Easy Ice has the most dependable commercial ice machine program anywhere.  Our affordable, fixed-fee billing is attractive to our customers who run hotels and we operate on a national basis.

Hotels that need ice (and thats all of them) need the simplicity and ease of Easy Ice subscriptions!

Call us today and learn why hotel owners and managers are partnering with Easy Ice!