Manufacturing or distribution companies need commercial ice makers on site. If you run a manufacturing company, your employees on the line need access to water and clean ice. And any organization that sends employees on the road each day provides them with water and ice in water coolers.  Utility companies, freight companies, even contractors who send workers on the road every morning need a commercial ice machine. This holds true for transportation departments too (like school districts).

Easy Ice is the only company offering affordable and all-inclusive ice makers through a subscription model on a national scale.  Our broad coverage allows national companies with multiple locations to access the same low-cost, reliable source of ice.  Direct-TV is a good example.  They have locations in many states and each state has multiple locations.  Easy Ice is proud to provide Direct-TV in certain regions with our ice machine subscriptions.

Easy Ice serves companies across these industries with the easiest solution for supplying ice; ice machine subscriptions.  We have customers like roofing and electrical contractors who used to send their guys to a convenience store to buy ice every morning.  Not only is this a poor use of time and resources, but buying bagged ice everyday adds up quickly.  One of our customers, Dean Contracting in Texas, found they were sometimes spending upwards of $600 a month on bagged ice.  Is this a good use of your money?  No!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions start at $135 a month for 600 pounds of ice a day.  Our all-inclusive and affordable program allows companies that never thought they could afford an ice machine on site a money-saving solution.  We buy the ice machines for you and fully maintain them.  Ice machine subscriptions are the choice for manufacturing, distribution and freight companies across the country because subscriptions are Smart, Simple and Stress-Free!