Our two-page subscription agreement reflects our simple service offering for each ice cube maker. What follows is our attempt to explain it as best we can in plain English.

The purpose of the ice cube maker subscription agreement is to identify the following:

  1. Service start date, the equipment, and the Setup and Monthly Fees
  2. The services we’ll perform under the agreement
  3. Your obligations for taking care of our equipment
  4. Circumstances that would lead to us charging you additional fees
  5. How you terminate service
  6. What happens if you fail to pay

Item 1 – Ice Machine Subscription Contract Administration:

This one is pretty straightforward, so call us if you have any questions.

Item 2 – Our Responsibilities:

We have numerous pages on this topic, including a page about what isn’t covered.  Under our standard program:

  • We conduct 2 full cleaning/sanitization/ preventive service visits per year. The work we perform can be described as “repeatable” from location to location. An example is cleaning an ice cube maker. The steps we perform are very similar whether the machine is in your office or someone else’s restaurant.
  • We also perform all repairs on the equipment. Customers are not allowed to work on the equipment. 99% of the repairs we perform on equipment are covered under the program.  See items 3 & 4 to understand potential additional charges.
  • Our Breakdown Ice service applies when there is a failure of the ice cube maker under normal conditions. The best way to explain this is – if you provide what is described in #3, Breakdown Ice applies. If you don’t, the expense may be yours. Easy Ice delivers ice in 90% of the Breakdown Ice situations, however, it is important to note that due to timing, geography, and quantity issues, Easy Ice may instruct the customer to purchase the ice and submit the receipts for reimbursement.

Item 3 – Your Responsibilities:

Under the Subscription Agreement, your requirements are very simple, but very important:

  • Water Supply. You are responsible for providing a reliable supply of water to a valve within 6’ of the ice machine. The two biggest issues are water quality and volume. Filtering can handle much of the quality issue. However, it is very important you provide the flow rates necessary to keep water flowing to the machine. We’ve had situations where the customer’s water supply lines were arranged such that under certain conditions, they supplied hot water to the ice machine. This caused the machine to fail. The service visit for that condition is not covered under the program and therefore due and payable by the customer.
  • Same goes for electricity. We can’t trace your wiring for you, so we don’t know if there is enough capacity on your circuit. This is why Hoshizaki strongly recommends a separate electrical circuit.
  • Providing an accessible floor drain is also a standard requirement.
  • Providing the right air flow and temperature around the ice machine is critical. If the air around the machine gets too hot or too cold, Easy Ice is not responsible for providing Breakdown Ice AND if a service call is requested, you may be charged an additional fee for an out-of-program service visit.
  • Treating the equipment responsibly, i.e. Don’t bang it up. Don’t stack stuff all over it. Clean it according to the cleaning schedule we give you. Etc.

Item 4 – Additional Charges:

If you don’t perform your responsibilities, then you may be charged for the following reasons:

  • Out of program service charge – i.e. root cause was not a machine problem.
  • False Alarm – i.e. the machine is performing according to specifications but it just can’t keep up with your ice usage.
  • Damage – i.e. the machine suffers more than reasonable wear and tear.

Item 5 – Ice Machine Subscription Cancellation:

This one is pretty easy. Just give us 30 days notice and we’ll schedule a time to pick up the machine. If you don’t give us 30 days, you are still financially responsible for a 30-day notice.

Item 6 – Failure to Pay:

This is our least favorite clause, but unfortunately, we have to reclaim ice cube makers every month from customers who fail to pay on time. The bottom line is that if you miss a payment, you’ll be assessed a late payment fee. If you fail again, we will need to establish a new payment process. If you are unable to demonstrate a reliable payment history, we have the right to reclaim our machine.