Hoshizaki FD-650MRJ-C Remote Cooled Nugget Ice Maker

470 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki FD-650MRJ-C ice machine is a 22” wide remote cooled nugget ice machine designed with dispensers in mind. This unit produces up to 470 lbs of chewable (cubelet) ice a day. The remote condenser keeps hot air and noise, typical with air-cooled units, outside of your establishment. Great for self-serve restaurants that need plenty of nugget ice to keep customers happy! The Hoshizaki FD-650MRJ-C ice machine produces “small” style cubelet ice (3/8″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″). Cubelet ice is soft and chewable so it’s easy on the teeth. Great for young children and hospital patients, as well. The porous nature of nugget ice, also known as cubelet ice, absorbs the flavor of drinks. Cubelet ice comes in a variety of sizes depending on the model type.

Equipment Details

lbs. per day*
lbs. per day*

Voltage Requirement: 220

Machine Type:
AHRI/Maximum Production
AHRI/Standard Production

Ice Type: Cubelet Ice

Subscription Program Highlights

  • Total Care Maintenance Program

  • Standard Water Filtration System

  • Free Breakdown Ice

  • Affordable Upgrade Policy

  • No Long-Term Contract

  • Less Expensive Than Owning