Hoshizaki KM-520MRJ Slim-Line Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine


547 lbs/day

The KM-520MRJ remote cooled crescent ice maker measures 22″ wide and 28″ tall. It’s a great space-saving option for smaller businesses with limited room. The remote condenser keeps hot air and sounds away from the inside of your business, so customers are not effected. This unit can produce up to 547 lbs. of ice per day. The KM-520MRJ remote cooled crescent ice machine produces crescent style ice which is some of the most reliable ice on the market. The KM-520MRJ forms cubes individually so they don’t clump together in the bin or clog dispensers. Crescent cubes also make drinks appear fuller, which appeals to customers and prevents over pours. Studies show crescent cubes can save up to 15 percent on your drink yield.