Manitowoc i-900


901 lbs/day

Indigo NXT Series 0900 Manitowoc ice makers are 30″ wide and makes over 700 lbs of ice under standard operating temperatures – that’s around 35 lbs of ice an hour! The NXT Series 0900 features a touch screen display which provide user feedback to help keep machines in working order. With an easily removed parts, Indigo NXT models are easy to clean so ice stays sanitary.  Manitowoc ice makers produce standard Dice and Half Dice ice cubes to fit any business need. Dice Ice (ID) is a square-shaped cube that provides maximum cooling for beverages. Half dice ice (IY) is slenderer that most cubes on the market. At 96 cubes per pound of ice, Half-dice cubes fill glasses better than conventional square cubes which makes drinks more appealing and prevents overpours.