Manitowoc IDF-900N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine

821 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IDF-0900N ice machine from Manitowoc is 30″ wide and makes up to 821 lbs of ice a day. Manitowoc remote ice machines require additional installation of a remote condenser which can be installed outside of the business or in a large room away from the ice making unit. This system eliminates hot air and noise from the kitchen, dining room, or patient areas. The Manitowoc IDF-0900N ice machine has a touchscreen display that gives operational feedback to users they can use to keep the ice machine in top condition. You can even schedule cleaning and service dates. All Indigo NXT models are treated with an antimicrobial agent to help ice stay sanitary and safe. Manitowoc ice makers produce reliable and slow-melting ice for any business need. Dice Ice (ID) is a square-shaped cube that provides maximum cooling for beverages.