Manitowoc Remote Ice Machines

Manitowoc remote ice machines are a great alternative to an air cooled ice machine when space and ventilation are an issue. The heat-producing components are located outdoors, so your workplace stays cool.

Our qualified Ice Machine Experts keep your Manitowoc remote ice machine in top condition with routine cleaning, maintenance, and any repairs it needs. It's all included in our commercial ice machine subscription program.

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Types of Ice for Manitowoc Ice Makers

Dice Ice

Dice Ice

Dice ice is a traditional square-shaped cube elevates the look of soft drinks and cocktails alike.
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Square Ice

Manitowoc square ice (Regular Cubes) are large and slow-melting, so drinks retain their flavor longer. Great for cocktail and whiskey bars.
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Nugget Ice

Cubelet ice (nugget ice) is soft, chewable, and retains the flavors of drinks. A great ice type for hospitals, elementary schools, and delis.
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Flake Ice

Flake ice machine models produce moldable flake ice to create dazzling food displays. Flake ice can also be used in place of crushed ice for drinks.
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Ditch the expenses of a new ice machine and the unreliability of getting a used one with an Easy Ice subscription. It's the simplest way to get a leading Manitowoc ice machine along with preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for a low monthly cost. Our preventive maintenance program keeps Manitowoc ice makers running efficiently and increases their overall lifespan.