Manitowoc IDT-1200N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine

1,127 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IDT-1200N ice machine produces up to 1127 lbs of ice a day. At 30″ wide, this machine is a real space saver that doesn’t sacrifice ice production. Manitowoc remote ice machines eliminate hot air and unnecessary noise by placing the condensing unit away from the ice maker. This requires additional condenser installation either outside or in a large room with plenty of ventilation. The Manitowoc IDT-1200N ice machine has all its major components toward the front of the machine, easily accessed from the front of the machine. This leads to shorter cleaning and maintenance visits. This machine also comes with a touchscreen display to alert users to potential ice machine problems. Manitowoc cuber ice machines produce unique “rhomboid” shaped cubes. Dice Ice (ID) is a versatile cube in a compact square shape that looks great in cocktails and soft drinks alike.