Manitowoc IDT-1500N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine

1,710 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IDT-1500N ice machine produces up to 1710 lbs of ice a day. This model is designed with high-volume businesses in mind that require a large volume of ice to run. Manitowoc remote ice machines require the condenser to be installed either outside or in a large room nearby, away from the ice making unit. The system eliminates hot air from around the ice machine and reduces noise. The Manitowoc IDT-1500N ice machine comes with the easyTouch touch screen display that shares status information and reminders with users to keep the ice machine running at 100%. Manitowoc ice makers produce their signature “rhomboid” shaped ice cubes. Half dice ice (IY) are small, narrow cubes that are ideal for busy establishments. Their compact size allows more cubes to fit in a glass, which makes drinks appear fuller.