Manitowoc IDT-1900N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine

1,900 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IDT-1900N ice machine is a high-volume ice machine for larger businesses. This ice maker can produce up to 1900 lbs of ice a day. Manitowoc remote ice machines are designed to keep noise and heat away from the ice maker, which keeps the surrounding environment cool and quiet. The Manitowoc IDT-1900N ice machine is treated with an antimicrobial agent that hinders mold, slime, and containment growth. This keeps ice cleaner and safer for your customers. Like all Manitowoc ice makers, the IDT-1900N is easy to service, which makes preventive maintenance visits quick and thorough. Manitowoc ice makers produce “rhomboid” shaped cubes. Dice Ice (ID) is for the perfect cube for bars looking for a high-capacity while also wanting to maintain that traditional square-cube look.