Your Commercial Ice Machine Solution in Minnetonka

The nation’s only full-service commercial ice machine program is available in Minnetonka!  No capital!  No hassle! Is your Minnetonka company looking to replace it’s ice machine?  Maybe you’re opening a new business and need a reliable source of ice.  Before spending thousands of dollars in capital buying a commercial ice machine in Minnetonka, you should […]

The Best Commercial Ice Machine in New Hope

No Risk, All-Inclusive commercial ice machine solution for New Hope businesses! Compare to leasing, renting or buying a commercial ice machine in New Hope.  Our reasonably priced, fully-inclusive ice machine subscriptions are the preferred choice for thousands of companies across the U.S. Easy Ice is not selling you a product or service — we’re offering […]

The Best Commercial Ice Machines in Columbia Heights

Ice machine subscriptions are the best solution to your ice needs in Columbia Heights! Columbia Heights is home to many businesses that depend on commercial ice machines.  Restaurants in Columbia Heights need an ice maker on site.  Hotels and hospitals in Columbia Heights need a reliable source of ice. So do churches, convenience stores, schools, […]

The Best Solution for a Commercial Ice Maker in St. Paul

The only all-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscription service is available in St. Paul, Minnesota! If your business in St. Paul depends on ice then you should see if a subscription is right for you.  Subscriptions are the only service that can guarantee how much your ice will cost every single month.  It’s also […]

The Best Commercial Ice Maker in Bloomington

100% all-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions are now available in Bloomington! Businesses in Bloomington depend on an ice machine for their customers and employees.  For most business owners in the Land of 10,000 Lakes the thought of an ice machine brings chills.  Not because of the cold ice it produces, you do live […]


The most affordable commercial ice machine solution is now available in Rochester!  All-inclusive, no hassle! Businesses in Rochester depend on ice machines.  Hospitals, hotels, convenience stores, restaurants, hockey rinks, and extended care facilities all depend on a reliable ice maker.  Unfortunately ice machines are very unreliable.  They are expensive, break often if not cared for, […]

The Best Solution for Commercial Ice Makers in Minneapolis

Subscriptions are the go-to answer for Minneapolis companies that need ice.  Affordable, all-inclusive and dependable! All kinds of companies need commercial ice makers in Minneapolis.  Companies in the hospitality space need ice machines; restaurants, hotels, music venues, bars and B&Bs.  Convenience stores and grocery stores need ice machines.  Other Minneapolis businesses that depend on ice […]


Affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions available in Duluth, Minnesota.  The fastest growing ice solution in the country! Does your business in Duluth need ice on a daily basis?  Are you regularly paying to repair or fix an old stubborn ice machine?  Are you thinking about buying or leasing an ice machine for your Duluth company?  Well […]