I’ve been a chef for 30 years and one piece of equipment that I’ll never buy is a commercial ice machine.  I’ve cooked in many kitchens during my career and have seen firsthand the problems that come with ice machines.  I don’t want to own one, why would you?

Here are my Top Ten reasons Not to buy a commercial ice maker:

1)  Purchase price is expensive.  When I spend money on new equipment, it better be something that can actually improve my customers’ experience, like a high end cappuccino machine or new decor.  An ice maker doesn’t enhance the customer’s experience — ice is just ice!

2)  Buying a commercial ice machine is simply not a good business decision.  Every little decision you make operating your restaurant needs to be smart and thoughtful.  Part of the reason I’ve been successful running restaurants is that I take every decision and every expense seriously.  I look at the pros and cons, weigh them out and make the smartest decision possible.  Thankfully, Easy Ice made it simple to make a smart decision about my source of ice.

3)  Maintaining a commercial ice maker properly requires an expert.  I’m an expert at menu design and managing my staff, amongst other things, but I’m not an ice machine expert.  And no one on my staff is an ice machine expert.  If an ice maker isn’t well-maintained, it won’t produce ice efficiently.  I don’t have time to fuss around making sure the ice machine is properly maintained!

4)  Repairs are expensive and unpredictable.  When an ice machine breaks down, it’s always at the most inopportune times.  Well, actually anytime an ice machine breaks is a bad time.  I still need to serve my customers ice even if the ice maker is broken.  So that means I have to spend extra money to buy bagged ice until it’s fixed, plus pay for the repairs.  It’s just not worth it!

5)  Running successful, busy restaurants can be stressful.  Why would I want the added stress of being responsible for an ice machine?  Owners and managers naturally feel stressed when the health inspector comes calling.  They want to know when the ice machine was last cleaned and when the water filters were changed.  I don’t want to have to track that stuff!  One of the beautiful things about Easy Ice subscriptions is the way their technicians clean the ice machines and replace the water filters when they need to be switched out.  Plus Easy Ice tracks all of this for me.  When the health inspector needs that information, Easy Ice quickly provides it.  Simple!

6)  Loss of productivity while fussing with ice machine issues.  I don’t want to have to send an employee out to buy bagged ice every time the machine breaks.  It’s a waste of time and productivity!  Easy Ice subscriptions include free Breakdown Ice.  I make a call and I get ice until the ice maker is fixed.  Easy!

7)  I can’t charge more for ice, but I have to have it.  Let’s face it, ice is just frozen water!  Why would I invest a large chunk of capital on something that I can’t charge more for and doesn’t add value?  I have plenty of other places to invest that’ll really make a difference to my business.  Ice doesn’t make a difference.  It’s a no-brainer to leave ice to the experts!

8)  Deep cleaning a commercial ice machine requires a lot more than wiping down surfaces and emptying the bin.  Ice machines are complicated with lots of moving parts that need attention during a cleaning.  If you want to pass your health inspection, you better have a clean ice machine!  My staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to properly clean a commercial ice maker.  I leave this to experts I can trust.

9)  Unpredictable costs can be the downfall of any business.  You need to eliminate as much unpredictability out of the equation as possible when you’re looking at budgets.  The only thing predictable about an ice machine when you own one is the unpredictable repairs, maintenance and back up ice costs.  Did you know that in just one night at a busy restaurant you could spend $500 just on replacement bagged ice if the ice maker’s broken?  I strive to control my costs as much as possible.  Owning an ice machine just doesn’t fit with the way I run my businesses.

10)  Easy Ice has a better alternative to owning a commercial ice maker!  Ice machine subscriptions are Smart, Simple and Stress-Free!