Easy Ice makes ice machine rental in Lexington a superior alternative to ice machine ownership.

You picked a great suburb of Columbia to do business in. Lexington is close enough to the capital to draw customers from there, while giving you and other locals the charm of a smaller town. No matter what else your customers are doing with their day—fishing at Lake Murray, wine tasting at Mercer House Winery, or jamming to music at the Icehouse Amphitheater—you can make a lasting impression on them at your business. Start by serving them the cold drinks they expect.

To do that, you need a reliable ice machine, and Easy Ice has the perfect way for you to get one. We’ve transformed ice machine rental in Lexington for the better with our all-inclusive subscription program.

You’ll gain access to all of these features for one, low monthly payment when you choose Easy Ice:

You won’t find a better value for your money in the South Carolina ice machine market.

An Easy Ice subscription eliminates the hassle of owning a commercial ice machine while saving you money.

Owning a commercial ice machine saddles you with extra responsibilities, not to mention bills. If you take care of your ice maker properly—and you’ll regret it if you don’t–that means remembering to schedule a professional cleaning every six months at minimum. You’ll have to find a local ice machine service company you can trust to perform those cleanings and inspections to manufacturer standards, and it can be difficult to know how well they do.

If a technician catches a minor issue during a maintenance visit and recommends replacing a part, you’ll have to pay for that along with the cleaning and inspection itself. Ice machine repairs are inevitable, even for the most well-maintained equipment, and they can be expensive. If your ice machine breaks down, you’ll have to go buy bags of ice at the nearest grocery store or gas station to avoid disappointing your customers.

An Easy Ice subscription lifts the burdens of ice machine ownership off your shoulders, saving you money and stress. We offer the only all-inclusive ice machine rental in Lexington. Your subscription payment covers the costs of biannual maintenance, repairs, and backup ice. You’ll never have to pay for your ice machine’s upkeep out of pocket, look for a trustworthy ice machine service company, or keep track of your ice machine’s cleaning schedule. We make sure your ice machine gets cleaned every six months and provide you with free backup ice when your ice machine goes down.

We go out of our way to provide the best ice machine maintenance in Lexington. Our technicians are highly trained ice machine experts who know how to clean and maintain commercial ice makers the right way. They’ll catch potential problems early, so you avoid ice machine breakdowns, and perform repairs correctly the first time.

Easy Ice is proud to offer our subscription program throughout the Columbia metropolitan area. We work with businesses in Lexington, Seven Oaks, St. Andrews, Irmo, Dentsville, Lugoff, and Lancaster. If you’re ready to change your relationship with your ice machine for the better, contact us today!