An Easy Ice subscription is the most valuable option for ice machine rental in Lancaster.

Lancaster is full of small-town charm and southern hospitality, two things your business can offer to customers every day. Start with the basics, like ice-cold drinks. Everybody wants ice in their water, coke, iced tea, and cocktails: parents taking their kids to the annual Red Rose Festival, art lovers headed to Bob Doster’s Backstreet Studio, and exercise aficionados coming back from Saturday morning yoga at Lindsay Pettus Greenway. All you need to be ready for them is a reliable ice machine.

Easy Ice has the perfect solution for you. We’ve created an all-inclusive version of ice machine rental in Lancaster.

For one, low monthly payment, you’ll gain access to these features:

That’s a value our competition can’t beat in South Carolina.

Get your leading brand ice machine and expertly performed ice machine maintenance all in one place with Easy Ice.

Commercial ice machines are expensive and inconvenient to own. A new Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice maker comes with a steep price tag. You could spend up to $10,000. And the spending doesn’t stop after you buy the ice machine. You’ll also need to pay for ongoing maintenance and repairs. Ice machine manufacturers recommend their equipment be professionally cleaned every six months at minimum, and some ice machines require cleaning more often, due to environmental factors. Ice machine repairs range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, and failing to schedule maintenance visits often enough increases the likelihood of mechanical issues and breakdowns. If your ice machine does break down, you’ll have to spend money on bags of ice from a local store to tide you over until the issue is resolved.

An Easy Ice subscription will save you money, time, effort, and stress. Renting your ice machine from us allows you to skip the hefty purchase price. Your affordable monthly subscription rate covers the costs of biannual maintenance visits, all repairs, and backup ice. You’ll never have to budget for your ice machine’s upkeep or worry about paying for unexpected repairs. Easy Ice designed our subscription for business owners like you. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient ice machine rental in Lancaster, we’re the solution for you.

When you rent your ice machine from Easy Ice, you don’t have to worry about finding a trustworthy ice machine service company. We have our own technicians to perform all your preventive maintenance, cleanings, and repairs, and they’ll do it right every time. Easy Ice technicians are highly trained experts who know commercial ice machines inside and out. We strive to offer the best ice machine maintenance in Lancaster, so business owners like you get the most out of their subscription.

Easy Ice is proud to provide our subscription program to business owners throughout the greater Columbia metropolitan area, in addition to Lancaster. You can sign up for our program in St. Andrews, Seven Oaks, Lexington, Dentsville, Irmo, and Lugoff. If you’re ready to get your next ice machine the easy way, contact us today!