An Easy Ice subscription makes ice machine rental in Lugoff is the smart way to get a commercial ice machine.

In a small town like Lugoff, your business makes a big difference. You have the opportunity to make your community a better place with world-class customer service. Wherever your customers are coming from or going to—Lugoff Elgin Park, a high school football game, or the Lights of Lugoff Christmas Parade—they’ll want ice in their drinks. Be ready for them with a high-performing ice machine that produces clean, safe ice all day every day.

Easy Ice can give you that ice machine for one, low monthly payment.

Our subscription program includes:

You won’t find a better value on a commercial ice machine in the state of South Carolina.

You can get a top-rated Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice machine for your business without breaking the bank, thanks to Easy Ice.

Commercial ice machines are expensive, especially if you choose a leading brand. The retail price will range from a few thousand dollars to $10K or more, and the spending doesn’t stop after you purchase the ice machine.

Manufacturers recommend a minimum of two professional cleanings for your ice machine a year, and in some cases, ice machines need more frequent cleanings due to environmental factors. Neglecting your ice machine’s upkeep to save money will only cost you more in the big picture: without cleaning and inspection, your ice machine is more likely to break down and produce dirty ice. Your ice machine’s lifespan will also be shorter, forcing you to buy a replacement much sooner.

An Easy Ice subscription will save you money both upfront and long-term. Renting your ice machine allows you to skip the massive purchase price of a new commercial ice maker, and our subscription goes further than other rental options. Your affordable monthly payment covers the costs of biannual preventive maintenance, all repairs, and backup ice. You’ll never have to budget for ice machine cleanings or repairs or pay for an unexpected problem out of pocket. If your ice machine goes down for repairs, we’ll give you free backup ice for as long as you need it. We’ve created a truly all-inclusive ice machine rental in Lugoff to maximize savings and convenience for small business owners like you.

When you rent your ice machine from Easy Ice, you get to be confident about your equipment’s cleanliness. Our technicians are highly trained ice machine specialists who know how to clean and inspect commercial ice machines the right way. They’ll catch potential mechanical problems before they happen and make sure your ice machine lasts as long as possible. Easy Ice technicians go above and beyond to provide the best ice machine maintenance in Lugoff.

Easy Ice offers our subscription program throughout the greater Columbia metropolitan area. We’re proud to work with businesses in Lugoff, Dentsville, St. Andrews, Seven Oaks, Lexington, Irmo, and Lancaster. Ready to experience our all-inclusive ice machine subscription for yourself? Contact us today!