An Easy Ice subscription is the ideal option for ice machine rental in Irmo.

Irmo may be one of Columbia’s smaller suburbs, but it’s a community with heart. Your business is right at home here, and if you treat your customers well, they’ll make sure you’re successful for decades to come. Start with ice. Your customers want cold drinks when they show up at your door, no matter where they’ve come from: Irmo’s annual Okra Strut Festival, a beautiful afternoon at the Town Park, or a day of sailing at Lake Murray. One thing you need to send them away happy is a high-performing ice machine.

Easy Ice has the perfect solution for you. Our subscription program makes ice machine rental in Irmo an unbeatable alternative to ice machine ownership.

You’ll gain access to all of these subscription features for one, low monthly payment:

You won’t find a better value for your money in North Carolina’s commercial ice machine market.

Easy Ice guarantees your ice machine will stay as clean and well-maintained as possible when you rent it from us.

Owning a commercial ice machine is a responsibility you would probably prefer to live without. You’ll spend thousands of dollars just to buy a brand new Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice machine, then keep spending money on your ice machine’s maintenance and repairs. You have to think about scheduling professional ice machine cleanings, find a trustworthy ice machine service company, budget for potential ice machine repairs, and buy bags of ice when your ice maker breaks down. Commercial ice maker manufacturers recommend their equipment be professionally cleaned every six months at minimum, and in some environments, an ice machine needs cleaning more frequently. Neglecting to schedule these cleanings can lead to dirty ice, bad health inspection grades, and ice machine malfunctions.

An Easy Ice subscription simplifies the ice machine experience for you. Your subscription rate covers the costs of biannual preventive maintenance visits, all repairs, and backup ice. You don’t have to keep track of your ice maker’s cleaning schedule or search for a good ice machine service company in your area. We have our own technicians who perform all preventive maintenance and repairs for our customers, and they make sure to pay your ice maker a preventive maintenance visit every six months. You don’t even have to remember to schedule those appointments. If your ice machine breaks down, we provide you with free backup ice until we repair it. We’ve created the only truly all-inclusive ice machine rental in Irmo to save you money and stress.

Renting your ice maker from Easy Ice means you can feel confident about your equipment’s cleanliness. Our technicians are highly trained ice machine specialists who know how to clean and inspect commercial ice makers the right way. They’ll catch potential issues early to prevent your ice machine from breaking down and ensure your customers always have clean, safe ice. We set out to provide the best ice machine maintenance in Irmo, so businesses like yours get the most out of your Easy Ice subscription.

Easy Ice is proud to offer our subscription program throughout the Columbia metropolitan area. We work with businesses in Irmo, St. Andrews, Seven Oaks, Lexington, Dentsville, Lugoff, and Lancaster. If you’re ready to join them and find out how easy life with an ice machine can be, contact us today!