All the ice you need without any of the hassles of ice machine ownership!

Are you thinking about buying a commercial ice machine in Arlington, Texas?  Before you spend capital on a piece of ice making equipment, consider an affordable subscription instead.

Easy Ice is a nationwide company and our fully-inclusive ice machine program is available in Arlington.  We exclusively provide Hoshizaki ice machines.  Hoshizaki manufacturers it’s ice machines in the U.S.A. and they reliable, durable and energy-efficient.

Arlington businesses need ice, but you don’t need the costs and hassles that come with owing an ice machine. Commercial ice machines require routine care and maintenance to perform well.  Our subscriptions come with all preventive maintenance (twice per year).  On these visits our technicians also completely clean the ice machine and replace water filters.

Standard water filter replacements are Free with Easy Ice subscriptions!

Repairs (labor and parts) are also included in our commercial ice machine program.  We believe in customer service and prompt response to repair issues.  Our world-class customer care team is U.S.-based and available 24/7, 365 days a year.  Have you ever tried finding a repairman in Arlington on a Saturday night or holiday?

Having an ice machine subscriptions saves you time and stress.  We are always just a toll-free number away, whenever you need us.  If we can’t repair one of our ice makers quickly, our customers still have ice because of our Breakdown Ice service.  We have partnered with Reddy Ice to ensure you always have ice in the bin, even if a repair is taking place.

Breakdown Ice is only for when we can’t repair the ice machine in 3-6 hours.  If you need extra ice for an event or party, we provide Peak Ice. Peak Ice isn’t complimentary, but it sure is convenient!

Smart business owners throughout Texas are choosing Easy Ice subscriptions over buying or leasing a commercial ice machine in Arlington.  We have service throughout the state and in the Arlington area. We serve cities like Grand Prarie, Irving, Duncanville, Bedford, Dallas and Fort Worth