Want a better alternative to traditional ice machine rental in Beaufort? We’ve got it!

Want your business to stand out in Beaufort? Give every single one of your customers a five-star experience from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave. It’s simpler than you think. Start with the small details, like ice. Everyone wants ice in their drinks, whether they’re out-of-town visitors attending the annual Shrimp Festival, USCB students taking a break from studying, or bikers coming off the Spanish Moss Trail. Be ready for them with a high-performing commercial ice machine.

Hutto Refrigeration, a longtime Charleston business, has joined Easy Ice to bring the nation’s only commercial ice machine subscription to South Carolina. Ice machine rental in Beaufort has never looked like this before.

We’ll give you access to all this for one affordable monthly payment:

You won’t find better value on commercial ice equipment anywhere in Beaufort County.

Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription makes it easier for business owners to have reliable ice equipment day after day, month after month.

Buying and owning a commercial ice machine will cost you way more money than you want to spend. A new ice machine from a well-rated brand comes with a retail price tag of at least a few thousand dollars, sometimes as much as $20,000. Once you make the purchase, you’ll have to budget for professional maintenance and repairs—and that’s just the financial burden. Beyond that is the time commitment of looking for a trustworthy service company in your area, scheduling maintenance every six months, keeping track of those appointments, and dealing with the inevitable ice machine breakdown in the middle of a busy workday. Your ice supply isn’t something you can just forget about, when you’re an ice machine owner—not without eventually running into major problems like dirty ice and a broken machine.

An Easy Ice subscription eliminates all the pitfalls of ice machine ownership. And it isn’t like any other ice machine rental in Beaufort. It pairs top-notch commercial ice equipment with biannual preventive maintenance, repairs, and back up ice for a single monthly rate. Our highly trained technicians will clean and inspect the ice machine every six months, meeting manufacturer guidelines, and keep track of the maintenance schedule for you. If the ice machine ever needs a part replaced or fixed, you won’t have to pay for it out of pocket! We even provide free backup ice whenever the ice machine breaks down, so you won’t have to disappoint your customers while you wait for repair.

Ice machine ownership dumps all those extra costs and responsibility in your lap. Traditional ice machine rental and lease options leave out maintenance or repairs or both. Only an Easy Ice subscription covers it all.

If you’re confident you want to buy an ice machine in Beaufort rather than renting one, we’re still your ultimate source for equipment. We sell the same top-rated brands of commercial ice machines, bins, and dispensers available through our subscription. Whether you have a make and model in mind or need assistance selecting the perfect ice maker, our local sales team will ensure you’re happy with your purchase. Call us to get the conversation started!

Already own a commercial ice machine that needs some professional TLC? We offer the highest quality ice machine maintenance in Beaufort to ice machine owners and our subscription customers. Our technicians are the best in the industry, with the most experience and training, and they’ll always clean and inspect your ice machine to the gold standard. If you’ve been struggling with an under-producing ice maker or one that recently quit working, make an appointment with us! We’re available to perform ice machine repair in Beaufort 7 days a week.

We’re proud to work with businesses throughout the Charleston metro area to supply their customers with crystal clear ice. Our ice equipment subscription is available in Beaufort, Port Royal, Walterboro, Hollywood, Edisto Beach, Kiawah Island, and beyond. If you’re ready to experience the Easy Ice difference for yourself, contact us today!