Affordable, quality ice machines in Bryan for every business! Subscriptions are a cost-effective solution to owning an ice maker in Texas.

Does your business depend on a commercial ice machine in Bryan?  Are you in the market to replace it?  Buying or leasing can be expensive, especially after consider maintenance and repair costs. With a commercial ice machine subscription from Easy Ice, you’ll have everything covered for one low monthly rate.

We created our program as an end-to-end solution for any business that needs a reliable ice machine in Bryan. Our program is all-inclusive, meaning you know exactly what you’re paying and what it covers – everything! We also keep your rate fixed, so as long as you’re subscribed, your monthly price won’t change.

Our subscriptions are the fastest growing ice solution in the country. With subscriptions starting as low as $135 a month, any business can afford a quality ice machine in Bryan!

Instead of spending capital on new equipment, we take that burden for you.  Subscriptions include a top of the line Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice makers.  If you need an ice bin or ice dispenser, you can bundle those into your subscription as well. We use Manitowoc and Hoshizaki equipment because their ice machines are energy-efficient, durable, and reliable.  We want our customers in Bryan to have the best equipment on the market!

Maintenance and repairs are included in your low monthly subscription fee.  Twice per year, we’ll send an ice machine technician to your location for preventive maintenance on your ice maker in Bryan.  We inspect the ice machine, clean it, and replace the water filter. Standard water filter replacements are complimentary!

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Tired of dealing with ice machine issues on your own?
Find out how Easy Ice makes them disappear.

What if the ice machine breaks down in between routine maintenance visits?  No worries!  Simply call our Customer Support line (available 24/7, 365 days a year), and we’ll dispatch a repair technician to look at your ice machine in Bryan as soon as possible.  We cover ice maker repairs, including parts and labor, in your subscription at no extra cost.

What if we can’t repair the ice maker quickly, and you still need ice for your customers and employees in Bryan?  No problem!  Ice machine subscriptions include Breakdown Ice.  That’s free bagged replacement ice until the ice maker is up and running again.  Easy!

Easy Ice has revolutionized the way businesses handle their ice machines in Bryan and throughout Texas. Our quality ice machine service is available in Bryan, College Station, Katy, Aldine, Temple, Austin, Houston, and Waco. If you’re ready to see what a subscription can do for your business, contact us today!