100% reliable program for a commercial ice maker in Daytona Beach!

Daytona Beach businesses depend on having ice on hand.  Which means they rely on commercial ice machines. Restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and golf courses in Daytona Beach use ice machines.  So do schools, churches, hospitals, landscapers and contractors.  And, of course, you can find commercial ice machines at Daytona Beach’s famous International Speedway.

So, you need ice, but do you need to own the commercial ice maker in Daytona Beach?  According to celebrity chef Robert Irvine; No!  Chef Robert understands the hassles of owning a commercial ice maker and he doesn’t own them.  Chef Robert’s restaurants trust Easy Ice instead.

Easy Ice developed the subscription model for commercial ice machines and no one else in the business offers them on a national scale.  Subscriptions are All-Inclusive, Hassle-Free and Affordable! Commercial ice machine subscriptions are simply better than buying an ice maker!

Did you know that buying a commercial ice maker will cost you thousands of dollars beyond the purchase price during it’s lifetime? Why take the financial risk when Easy Ice will do it for you?

When you buy an ice machine you are entirely responsible for it’s upkeep.  Unfortunately, commercial ice makers are notorious for being one of the least reliable pieces of equipment.  Extreme temperatures, water and electricity make for a complicated product.

The purchase price is just the beginning of the costs.  Maintenance must be performed in order for the ice maker to run well.  Cleanings are important (you want to pass your health inspection, right?).  Repairs are unpredictable and expensive.  Not to the mention the bagged ice you have to buy while you wait for the machine to be repaired.

Buying a commercial ice machine is Not a smart business decision!  Our ice machine subscriptions cover everything you need to keep ice in the bin for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.  Qualified Daytona Beach customers don’t even have to sign a term contract!  Month to month billing and a penalty-free cancellation policy makes subscriptions the preferred choice for thousands of customers across the country and in Daytona Beach.

Ice machine subscriptions are available all over Florida and in the greater Orlando area.  If your company needs a commercial ice maker in Daytona Beach, Winter Springs, Orlando, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Oviedo or Deltona, give Easy Ice a call!