A few dollars a day for hassle-free ice supply! Subscriptions are better than owning or leasing a commercial ice maker in Durham.

Durham businesses need ice machines. But do you really want to spend the capital on buying a commercial ice maker?

Easy Ice subscriptions are the fastest growing segment of the commercial ice machine industry. We’re the only national company with an affordable, all-inclusive program that guarantees you have ice in the bin. And we have service all over North Carolina, including Durham.

If an ice machine isn’t well cared for and well maintained, it will not produce ice as it should. Routine maintenance and frequent water filter changes are key to the performance of ice machines. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution is revolutionary and company’s are ditching ownership in favor of ice machine subscriptions in Durham.

Affordable and all-inclusive! Join the revolution for a commercial ice maker in Durham!

Our revolutionary offering gives our freedom from unexpected bills related to the ice machine. Subscription pricing is affordable and easy to budget because the costs are predictable. Predictable costs for an ice machine? Yes, you read that correctly!

Unexpected expenses pop up when you own a commercial ice machine. In addition to the cost purchasing the ice maker, you’ll have to pay for:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Water Filters (and the labor for a service technician to install them correctly)
  • Back up ice when the ice machine isn’t functioning properly

Our commercial ice machine subscriptions include all of the above!  Our customer service team is available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.  Have you ever had to find a service technician on a Saturday night in Durham?  If you can find one, they’ll will charge extra for service outside of business hours.  Easy Ice customers in Durham and across the nation enjoy Free repairs!

Subscriptions take the stress out of having commercial ice machines at your Durham company.  For a fixed price, you get everything your Durham business needs to guarantee ice in the bin. If one of our ice machines is malfunctioning and we can’t repair it quickly, we provide Breakdown Ice.  Our relationship with Reddy Ice allows us to deliver replacement ice directly to our customers in most geographies.  In cities where delivery is not available, Easy Ice reimburses our customers for bagged replacement ice they may have to purchase until the machine is fixed.  No Hassles!

No other national company has ice machine subscriptions in Durham.  Our customers include corporate facilities, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, night clubs, golf courses, schools, churches and convenience stores.  Our subscriptions for a commercial ice maker in Durham are so affordable even landscapers, contractors and freight companies can afford to have ice makers on site.

If you need a dependable, affordable commercial ice maker in Durham, Easy Ice is the smartest solution!  We serve most cities in North Carolina including Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Cary and Henderson.