Our all-inclusive subscription is the best kind of commercial ice machine rental in Georgetown!

If you want your customers in Georgetown to have glowing praise for your business, make sure you nail the small details day in and day out. Your ice supply is one of those details. People want ice in their drinks, whether they’re visiting you after an Island Picnic Cruise or are on their way to watch the Swamp Fox Players at The Strand. Be prepared with a high-performing ice machine. We make it easy to get one and then we keep it in tip-top shape.

Charleston’s Hutto Refrigeration has joined Easy Ice to revolutionize commercial ice machine rental in Georgetown. We’re bringing the nation’s only all-inclusive ice machine subscription to your door!

For one monthly payment, we’ll give you access to:

You won’t find a better deal on a commercial ice machine anywhere in South Carolina.

We designed our all-inclusive ice machine subscription for the benefit of small business owners like you.

Commercial ice machines are expensive! Whatever brand and production capacity you choose, you’ll spend thousands of dollars if you purchase one. And the bills don’t end there. You’ll have to budget and pay for maintenance and eventually repairs. Manufacturers strongly recommend their ice equipment be professionally cleaned and inspected every six months at minimum, and some ice machines require more frequent maintenance, due to their environment. Those maintenance appointments will cost you a couple hundred dollars, and they add up, if you stick to an appropriate schedule.

Even the most well-maintained ice machine will eventually need a part replaced or fixed. Did you know ice machine repairs can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars? If your ice machine completely breaks down, you’ll have to buy ice bags to serve your customers while waiting for the repair. If you’re in business for 10 years or more, just think of all the money that you’ll ultimately spend on your ice machine!

An Easy Ice subscription wipes out all of those bills and leaves you with just one monthly payment. No need to come up with thousands of dollars upfront to get the ice machine in your door. No need to budget for ice machine maintenance and repairs separately. No need to buy your own backup ice. Your subscription rate covers the ice machine, biannual preventive maintenance, all repairs, and backup ice. There’s no other commercial ice machine rental in Georgetown like it. We guarantee two professional maintenance visits to the ice machine a year, which includes deep cleaning, filter changes, and inspection. All repairs are included, no matter how major. If the ice machine ever breaks down, we’ll make sure you have the backup ice you need while you wait for our technicians to fix the problem. On top of all that, our customer service representatives are available 7 days a week to take your calls, so you never have to wait long for help.

If you’ve decided to buy an ice machine in Georgetown instead of renting, we’re still your go-to provider. We sell the same industry-leading brands of commercial ice machines, bins, and dispensers that we feature in our subscription. Whether you’re replacing a make and model you’ve used for years or you’re a first-timer who needs help picking the right ice maker, our local sales team would be happy to help you. Call us anytime!

Already own a commercial ice machine that needs service? You’re in luck. We proudly provide the best ice machine maintenance in Georgetown to both ice machine owners and our subscription customers. Our technicians are the most well-trained ice equipment experts in the industry. They’ll deep clean and inspect your ice maker the right way every single time. If your ice machine recently started under-producing or quit working altogether, let us solve the problem! We deliver unbeatable ice machine repair in Georgetown. We’ll have your ice machine back up and running like new in no time. Make an appointment at your convenience.

We’re excited to bring our one-of-a-kind ice machine subscription to the Charleston metro area. We work with businesses in Georgetown, McClellanville, Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, Moncks Corner, and beyond. We would love to work with you! If you want to experience our subscription for yourself, contact us today.