Best value for commercial ice machines in Germantown. Our program requires no upfront capital, making it a risk-free solution.

Businesses need a reliable ice machine in Germantown if they want to keep up with the daily demand. Before you look into buying your own, consider a commercial ice machine subscription with Easy Ice instead.

Throughout Tennesee, Easy Ice has helped business owners find a solution. We’ll provide you with a quality commercial ice machine in Germantown, along with any care that’s needed while you’re subscribed.  We make it easy to get the best equipment for your customers.

We cover everything, including ice machine maintenance and repairs. You’ll never be stuck paying for your ice maker in Germantown out of pocket.

Subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Germantown are fully-inclusive with no hidden fees or unexpected costs!

To get started, all you pay is a one-time installation fee. After that, we’ll deliver and install a state of the art Manitowoc or Hoshizaki commercial ice maker. Your fixed monthly subscription rate covers everything else that you need to keep your ice machine in Germantown running well year-round.

Manufacturers recommend two preventative maintenance visits per year, so we cover them in your subscription as well. When it’s time for a visit, we’ll send one of our technicians to look at your ice machine in Germantown. During visits, they’ll thoroughly clean your unit, change any standard water filters, and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

We’re committed to keeping our ice machines in Germantown in the best possible shape.  Since we cover the upfront capital for you, we take pride in maintaining our ice makers. This means that if your machine happens to break, you’re still covered.  Simply call our 24/7 customer service line and we’ll send a technician out for an ice maker repair.  All repairs (parts and labor) are included.

Any time you need a repair, we’ll also provide your business with backup ice until your ice maker in Germantown is up and running. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that even during a breakdown, we’ve got you covered.  In many cities, we can actually deliver the ice straight to your site. If your business is outside the delivery area, we’ll reimburse you for any ice you purchase.

We’ve changed the way businesses handle their ice machines in Germantown and all over Tennesse. We provide our ice machine service in Germantown, Memphis, Collierville, Millington, Brownsville, Oxford, Covington, and Nashville.  Contact us today if you’re ready to see the easier side of ice!