The fastest-growing commercial ice machine program is available in Jersey City!  All-inclusive, dependable, and affordable!

You’ve got all kinds of customers to please in Jersey City, one of the most ethnically diverse places in America. From art lovers on their way to JC Fridays to families spending the day at Liberty State Park to Wall Street West professionals on their lunch break, your customers show up at your business expecting five-star service. Ice is a part of that! Whatever beverages you serve, you need enough clean ice for every cup and glass. A commercial ice maker is a must, but purchasing one is optional.

Icesurance has joined forces with Easy Ice to revolutionize ice machine rentals in Jersey City. We offer the only all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscription in America at affordable monthly rates.

Our unique ice machine subscription includes:

That’s the best deal on commercial ice equipment anywhere!

Easy Ice is a national company, and we offer subscriptions throughout New Jersey.  Thousands of businesses across the country and Jersey City are choosing subscriptions!

Commercial ice machines require more attention than any business owner has time to give them. They need professional maintenance and cleaning every six months at minimum—and sometimes more often than that. They’re prone to breakdowns, and the repairs are always expensive. If you don’t have your ice maker deep cleaned often enough, you’ll end up with dirty ice, which could spell trouble for your reputation and your good standing with the health department. Finding a trustworthy, affordable ice machine service company isn’t the easiest thing in the world. If you do find one, you’ll have to pay them out of pocket and keep tabs on how often they service your ice machine. All this, after spending thousands of dollars to buy the ice machine!

There’s a better way to get the ice you need: an Easy Ice subscription.

Our subscription doesn’t just beat ice machine ownership. It’s also better than traditional ice machine rental in Jersey City. Those other rental options only provide the equipment, leaving maintenance and repair up to you and your wallet. We cover everything essential to your ice supply for a single monthly payment: the ice maker, preventive maintenance, repairs, and backup ice. We guarantee two professional maintenance and cleaning visits a year, never charge you extra for repairs, and always make sure you’ve got backup ice if the machine breaks down.

Our technicians are the most well-trained ice machine experts in the industry and will make sure you always have enough clean, safe ice to serve your customers. They’re so good at ice machine maintenance, our customers average just one unplanned service call a year! With an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll never have to worry about ice machine service. We even keep track of your maintenance schedule, so you don’t have to think about it.

Already own a commercial ice maker and need a reliable service company? Look no further. We offer the highest quality ice machine maintenance in Jersey City to both our subscription customers and to ice machine owners. Our technicians are available 7 days a week to deep clean and inspect your ice maker. Get in touch with us to set an appointment. If your ice machine isn’t working properly, we’re also your best option for ice machine repair in Jersey City. No mechanical issue is too tough for Easy Ice technicians to solve.

If you’ve already decided to buy an ice machine in Jersey City rather than rent one, we can still help you out! We sell the same great brands of commercial ice makers that we offer through our subscription. Call us and let us know you want to purchase a commercial ice maker. Our local team can help you choose the right model at the right price.

We proudly serve business owners throughout the New York City metropolitan area and northern New Jersey. Our ice machine subscription is available in Jersey City, Elizabeth, Fort Lee, Hoboken, Secaucus, Manhattan, and beyond. Ready to experience the Easy Ice difference for yourself? Contact us today!