The best end-to-end solution for commercial ice machines in the New York Metro area!

Are you looking for a new ice machine in the New York Metro area?  You’re probably considering buying or leasing a commercial ice machine, but we have a better solution.

Easy Ice is the only national company with an all-inclusive commercial ice machine program.  Like an all-inclusive resort, our program is hassle-free and easy to budget.  We call our solution a subscription, and we’re the only national company in the New York Metro area with an end-to-end ice machine program.

Our commercial ice maker subscriptions are simple and affordable.  Our fixed price model makes it easy for our customers to budget.

With Easy Ice, there are no extra fees for repairs or maintenance.  All service to the ice machine is part of the subscription package.

Easy Ice has places thousands of ice machines in businesses across the country and the New York Metro area.  Restaurant owners love our service because they need to focus on growing their restaurants, not on ice machine maintenance.  Restauranteurs are experts in foodservice.  Easy Ice is the expert of commercial ice machines in the New York Metro area.

Our customer base spans many industries.  Hotels, hospitals, convenience and grocery stores, golf course, health clubs, long-term living and corporate facilities.  Any business that has employees or customers in the New York Metro area usually needs a commercial ice machine on site.

We did a survey and found that commercial ice makers are the least liked piece of capital equipment.  Ice machines need to be maintained properly to perform well.  Ice machines can be temperamental and tend to break at the worst possible times.  That’s why Easy Ice developed the revolutionary subscription service for ice machines.

We take the capital risk so you don’t have to.  Because we buy thousands of ice machines, we have buying power.  And that buying power translates to savings for our customers.  Subscriptions are affordable and include everything to guarantee ice in the bin.

We’ve partnered exclusively with Hoshizaki, the world’s premiere ice machine manufacturer.  Hoshizaki ice makers are reliable, energy-efficient and made in the U.S.A.  Our technicians are highly trained and are Hoshizaki experts.

New York Metro area has millions of residents plus millions of visitors each year.  And all those people expect clean, food-grade quality ice at restaurants, hotels and hospitals.  If your New York Metro company depends on ice, you need Easy Ice!  We have service throughout New York City including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.  Getting commercial ice machines in the New York Metro area has never been easier!

Our U.S. – based customer service team is available 24/7.