Commercial ice machine subscriptions are reliable, affordable & all-inclusive! Better than leasing or buying a commercial ice maker in Panama City Beach!

Does you Panama City Beach business depend on a commercial ice machine?  If you need a reliable supply of ice, at a price that won’t break the bank, you need to look at subscriptions.  Our ice machine subscriptions are affordable and the monthly price is fixed!

Ice machine subscriptions are Simple, Smart and Stress-Free!  Better than leasing or buying a commercial ice maker in Panama City Beach!  If you’ve owned a commercial ice machine you understand the hassles and costs involved.  The purchase price alone will set you back thousands of dollars.  But it’s the post-purchase costs that’ll really hit your pocketbook!

Preventive maintenance, cleanings and all repairs included in our ice machine subscriptions! Don’t take the risk of buying an ice machine — subscriptions are risk-free!

Commercial ice makers are complicated pieces of equipment.  When you combine water, electricity and extreme temperatures you end up with equipment that needs expert maintenance.  To pass a health inspection, your ice machine needs to be clean.  Water filters must be changed out at least twice a year to keep the machine and the ice clean and sanitary.  This type of maintenance is not cheap and must be performed by an expert.

Repairs to the ice maker is where we get into the really expensive part of ice machine ownership.  You can never plan for an ice machine breaking down.  Even when your commercial ice maker in Panama City Beach is broken, your customers and employees still need ice. So that leaves you buying bagged ice until the ice machine is fixed.  Bagged ice alone can run hundreds of dollars a day.

Our ice machine subscriptions relieve our customers of all the extra costs and hassles that come with an ice maker. We buy the ice machine for you and then fully maintain it!  We’ve purchased literally thousands of commercial ice machines for our customers nationwide and in Panama City Beach.  We only use Hoshizaki ice machines because they are durable, energy-efficient and manufactured in the U.S.

Whether you’re company is in Panama City Beach or New York City, you’ll receive the same quality service.  Subscriptions cover maintenance, cleanings, standard water filters, Breakdown Ice and all repairs. Parts and labor and fully covered!

We serve all parts of Florida including Panama City Beach, Callaway, Destin, Panama City, Warrington and Fort Walton Beach.