The only affordable, all-inclusive program for commercial ice machines in Sarasota!

Sarasota companies depend on ice for profit and refreshment.  Keeping an ice bin full of safe, sanitary ice shouldn’t be hard.  It’s easy with Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions!

Our end-to-end solution for ice needs is sweeping the country.  We’re a national company and we serve customers in Sarasota and all over Florida.  For an affordable monthly fee, we provide all the components for ice production without any added costs.  Buying a commercial ice maker is accompanied by many hidden expenses.  Repairs are expensive and unpredictable.  Water filters and maintenance are costly.  And if the ice machine is broken, you have to pay for bagged replacement ice.

Why would anyone want to own an ice machine?  Even celebrity chef Robert Irvine advises against ice machine ownership.  Budgeting is an important piece of running any business.  And with ice makers from Easy Ice, you have a predictable monthly expense.  Simple!

If the ice machine in your Sarasota business is broken, you lose profits.  With an Easy Ice subscription, you don’t have any worries if the ice maker isn’t working.  Our customers simply call our 24/7 U.S.-based customer service team and we dispatch a technician to your site.

If we can’t repair the ice machine within 6 hours, we pick up the tab for replacement ice through our revolutionary Breakdown Ice benefit.

Breakdown Ice is a special bonus our customers receive.  No other national ice machine company has a service like Breakdown Ice.  In many cities, we are able to deliver bagged ice directly too your site.  In other area, we reimburse you for any bagged ice you need to buy while the machine is broken (if we can’t fix it quickly).

With our subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Sarasota, you never have to worry about ice again!

So many businesses in Sarasota depend on ice for their employees and customers. Restaurants and hotels in Sarasota need reliable ice machines.  So do convenience stores and grocery stores.  Nightclubs, music venues and bars depend on ice.  And hospitals, schools and corporate facilities in Sarasota need ice for their businesses to succeed.