Commercial ice machine subscriptions are affordable and hassle-free! And they’re available in West Cobb!

West Cobb businesses depend on having a supply of safe, sanitary ice.  Restaurants, hotels, heath clubs, golf courses and convenience stores in West Cobb all need ice machines on site.  Did you know there’s a better alternative to buying an ice machine?  No, not leases.  Leases for ice makers are restrictive and inflexible.  And buying a commercial ice machine in West Cobb is a financial drain.

The better alternative is a subscription.  Commercial ice machine subscriptions are revolutionizing the way West Cobb companies get ice.  Our unique end-to-end program is the simplest and most affordable way to guarantee your West Cobb business always has ice.

Affordable, dependable and flexible. Commercial ice machine subscriptions can’t be beat for West Cobb companies that need ice!

Ice machine subscriptions are fully-inclusive.  We take care of everything to do with the ice maker so you can take care of your business.  We buy only the best ice machines for our customers; Hoshizaki.  Hoshizaki ice machines are known for their energy efficiency and durability.  And they’re manufactured right here in Georgia!

After an onsite survey, we help our customers select the right size and type ice machine for their business.  We deliver and install the ice makers.  Then, every 6 months our technicians make a visit to perform preventive maintenance.  We inspect the ice machines for any potential problems on these calls.  Our technicians deep clean the ice makers and replace their water filters.  If you owned or leased an ice machine, all of these activities would be paid out of your pocket.  With a subscription, they’re all covered in your low monthly payment!

If the your commercial ice machine in West Cobb needs repair, no problem!  Simply call our customer service team and they’ll dispatch a technician.  Our customer service center is open all day and all night, every day of the year.  All repairs (parts and labor) are covered.  No Hidden Expenses!

We’re the only company that offers subscriptions nationally and all across Georgia.  If you’re in West Cobb County, Cobb County or any of it’s cities, we can help you.  We have service in Marietta, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Acworth and throughout the county.  Getting a commercial ice machine in West Cobb has never been easier!