Should You Choose a Countertop Ice Maker For Your Business?

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Countertop water and ice dispensers offer a ton of benefits for businesses – especially those looking for self-serve solutions. Countertop ice makers have long been a favorite in waiting rooms and office breakrooms, where guests and staff like to serve themselves. They are a much easier – and safer – option than modular ice machines with a bin.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of installing a countertop ice maker in your business.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

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The Types of Countertop Ice Makers

Commercial countertop ice machine models generally come in two styles: Self-contained ice dispensers and ice dispensers that require a commercial ice machine to produce the ice.

Self-contained ice dispensers have built-in ice storage. These are all-in-one ice machines, so you don’t have to purchase an ice machine to produce the ice or an additional ice bin to hold the ice.

Commercial ice dispensers that are not self-contained require a modular-style ice machine to produce the ice. These are often an excellent option for growing businesses, as you can add a larger ice machine to the dispenser to fit the ice production needs of your growing business.

Many commercial countertop ice makers also come with a water dispenser. Commercial ice and water dispensers are a good choice for office break rooms. They provide cold, filtered water along with ice to hydrate staff throughout the day.

Finally, you can also find small portable ice machines for home use. These ice machines are meant to sit atop a counter, but only make around 30-50 lbs of ice. Due to the low ice production rate and the small amount of ice these machines produce, they are not good options for a business setting.

Now that you know the types of countertop ice makers on the market, let’s discuss the benefits of installing one in your business.

Countertop Ice Makers Save Space

One of the largest benefits of installing a countertop ice machine is its small footprint. Having the ability to install a commercial ice machine on a countertop frees up walking room (provided no one is dancing on your countertops).

Countertop ice makers also offer plenty of versatility, since you have the option to install one on a countertop or on an ice machine stand. Keep in mind, the area where you plan to place a countertop ice machine must have the appropriate ice machine installation requirements available such as drainage and electricity.

Countertop Ice Makers are Sanitary

Most countertop ice makers dispense ice by pushing a button or lever that directly drops ice into glassware. This system makes for a safer ice machine because staff and guests can’t accidentally contaminate the ice supply as they might with a modular-style ice machine and bin.

Anytime an ice bin is present, you run the risk of accidental contamination because staff has to reach into the bin and pull the ice themselves. Employees must practice proper ice handling techniques to prevent an accidental contamination.

Since staff and customers don’t have to reach into a bin to retrieve ice, the supply stays untouched by human hands.

Keep in mind that proper ice machine cleaning is still necessary to keep your ice supply sanitary and safe.

A Countertop Ice Maker is Convenient

The fact is, it takes time for wait room staff to pull ice and fill glasses. It makes more sense for guests to fill their glasses themselves. Guests also don’t have to continually get up and ask a staff member for more ice, they can get all the water and ice they need from an ice and water dispenser.

Office staff also find countertop ice makers convenient. People need quick service to get back to work from a lunch break or to get home to their families after a long day in the office. A countertop ice maker allows staff to fill their drinks and get plenty of ice on the go.

The Perfect Ice Solution for Your Small Business

If you run a small business or just need a reliable ice maker for your office breakroom, a commercial countertop ice maker is the way to go. Countertop ice makers are discreet, sanitary, and convenient. Customers and staff can get clear, clean ice on their own without the fear of accidentally contaminating the ice supply.

If your business is looking for a top-of-the-line Hoshizaki countertop ice maker, we have many to choose from in all sizes. Best yet, our ice machine subscription service takes care of all your cleaning, maintenance, and repairs!

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