Your Complete Guide to Manitowoc Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Manitowoc ice machines are as dependable as they come, but even with routine cleaning and maintenance, problems can sometimes occur. Our Manitowoc ice machine troubleshooting guide will help you answer some of the most common performance questions we get about commercial Manitowoc ice makers.

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Manitowoc Ice Machine Troubleshooting Tips

Why is My Manitowoc Ice Machine Not Producing as Much Ice?

Ice machine manufacturers use two measurements to determine production rates: Maximum and AHRI. This is because ice machine production is directly related to the temperature of surrounding air or incoming water. When ice machine owners notice their unit producing less ice, they naturally believe something must be wrong with the machine – when it’s simply a matter of lowering the heat.

How Much Ice Should My Manitowoc Ice Machine be Producing?

Manitowoc ice machine spec sheets list their production rates across varying temperatures. Maximum and AHRI capacities are common measurements within the ice industry. Maximum production is the amount of ice a machine will produce when the surrounding temperature is at 70 degrees and the incoming water is at 50 degrees. AHRI rates are lower because they list the production rates when the surrounding air is 90 degrees and the incoming water is 70 degrees.

Why is My Manitowoc Ice Bin Not Filling Up All the Way?

All commercial ice makers, including Manitowoc ice machines, can see a drop in ice production if under less than adequate environmental conditions. The surrounding air or incoming water temperature are the most common cause of ice machine’s losing their efficiency. If you notice your Manitowoc ice bin doesn’t have as much ice as normal, there are some things you can check to troubleshoot your Manitowoc ice machine.

Why is My Manitowoc Ice Maker Slower in the Summer?

The summer months are notorious for increased air and water temperatures that can directly affect your overall ice production rate. The summer heat can indirectly affect your ice supply as well, since customers and employees will want more ice to cool down drinks as the heat persists. Luckily, there are ways to prepare your ice machine for the summer heat!

Why is My Manitowoc ice machine Notifying Me of an Issue?

Manitowoc ice machines use a series of notifications to alert the user to potential problems. There are over 30 different Manitowoc error codes that cover a range of potential issues from extended freeze cycles to USB connection errors. Below is a reference of error codes for Manitowoc NXT modular ice machines. If you encounter any of these, please call a qualified ice machine technician to address the issue. If you’re an Easy Ice customer, contact us and we’ll send a technician to your business ASAP.

Common Manitowoc Ice Machine Troubleshooting Tips

How Do You Shut Off a Manitowoc Ice Maker?

When troubleshooting your Manitowoc ice machine, there may be instances where it’s best to shut the unit down to prevent damage to the system or your business. Leaks or electrical issues are common issues that may require you to turn off the machine completely until a service technician arrives. Below is a step-by-step guide to shutting off your Manitowoc ice machine.

Why is There Mold in my Manitowoc Ice Machine?

Ice machines are dark and damp, which can be a very attractive home for mold and slime. Mold and slime feed off organic material floating in the air. Bakeries and breweries can see increased mold and slime in their ice machine or bin if the unit is installed too close to areas where employees use a lot of yeast. Routine cleaning is the best way to help prevent mold and slime from growing, as well as other contaminants that can l make people sick.

Troubleshooting a Manitowoc Ice Machine Leak

A leaky ice maker is one of the most common issues we see. Still, many of the calls we receive involve water leaking from other areas – not from the ice machine itself. If you notice water around your ice machine, check to identify where the leak is coming from. You can save yourself money on a service call by calling the right expert for the job.

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Manitowoc Commercial Ice Machine Troubleshooting