A Quick Guide to Manitowoc Error Codes

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Manitowoc Error Codes

Last updated on March 16th, 2022 at 12:46 pm

Ice machines run into problems from time to time, which is why manufacturers build service features to help users and technicians diagnose problems quickly. Like Hoshizaki beep codes, Manitowoc NXT ice machines have a series of notifications that inform users of potential problems. There are 36 Manitowoc error codes that cover a range of issues that occur within the unit.

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This list is only a reference. If you’re an Easy Ice customer who is experiencing one of these Manitowoc ice machine light codes, call one of our helpful service representatives as soon as you can. We’ll send one of our qualified ice machine technicians to your establishment as soon as possible.

Do not try and reset the ice machine or fix the issue yourself. A Manitowoc commercial ice maker is a complicated piece of machinery and you could risk damaging the unit.

A List of Manitowoc Error Codes

Below is a list of Manitowoc error codes that cover everything from Manitowoc ice machine production issues to display screen problems. These codes can be viewed on your Manitowoc NXT touchscreen display.

Error Code Description
E01 Long Freeze Cycle
E02 Long Harvest Cycle
E03 Input Power Loss
E04 High Condenser Temperature
E05 High Pressure Control Opened
E07 Starving TXV Single Evaporator or Low On Charge
E08 TXV Fault Single or Dual Circuit Evaporators
E09 Flooding Evaporator Fault Single Evaporator, Single Circuit
E10 Flooding Evaporator Fault Dual TXV, Dual Circuit
E11 Refrigeration Fault Curtain Fault
E12 Curtain Switch Fault – Open more than 24 hours
E15 Fan Cycle Control Fault – Low Liquid Line Temperature
E16 Remote Condensing Unit Fault (CVD Only)
E19 Ice Thickness Probe Fault
E20 Water System Fault
E21 T1 Temperature Sensor Issue
E22 T2 Temperature Sensor Issue
E23 T3 Temperature Sensor Issue
E24 T4 Temperature Sensor Issue
E25 Bin Level Probe Low Sensor Fault
E26 T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue
E27 T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue
E28 iAuCS
E29 USB Communication Fault
E30 USB Download Fault
E31 Safe Mode
E32 RS485 Communication Fault
E33 Touchscreen Fault
E34 Display Fault
E36 Check Sum Error
E37 Watch Dog Event
E38 UI Comm Event

What to Do If You See a Manitowoc Error Code

If you see one of these Manitowoc ice machine light codes, its best to call a qualified ice machine technician – especially if you notice performance issues with your ice machine. A single error code can have many root causes, and an ice machine technician will have to run a series of tests to see what’s causing the issue. We’ve also put together this Manitowoc ice machine troubleshooting guide as a helpful resource.

If you’re an Easy Ice customer you can call us anytime, 24/7, if the automatic ice machine is showing an error code or not working as it should.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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40 Comments on “A Quick Guide to Manitowoc Error Codes”

    1. Hi Rob,

      The machine has activated an alert and a technician should be called. It may be as simple as a maintenance issue but could also be something more significant. There are a lot of reasons this error message could be occurring, so make sure to give your local ice machine technician a call to help you find a solution.


  1. If my ice machine has an error message of “E08 TXV Fault”, what does that really mean? Do I need to have my machine serviced, or is it a temporary issue? I pressed the power button and the machine started making ice again after about a day, but do I need it serviced and what might be the main issue? Why would we have gotten this error message?

    1. Hi Ray,

      Your Manitowoc ice machine uses 4 different thermistors that measure different temperatures. This error could be a thermistor failure, which would NOT keep the machine from operating, or it could very well be a refrigeration system error. I would recommend calling a technician to look at the machine. If it is a refrigeration problem, it is usually consistent and will give another error code. There are a lot of reasons this error message could be occurring, but the best way to accurately diagnose your problem is to call an ice machine service technician.

      Thank you!

    1. Hey Michael! Thank you for reaching out!

      I’m sorry to hear your machine is giving you trouble. It’s definitely best to call a qualified ice machine technician – especially if you notice performance issues with your ice machine. This error code can have many root causes. For example, it could be a switch failure, a fan motor failure or a dirty condenser in a hot environment. An ice machine technician will have to run a series of tests to see what’s causing the issue.



      1. Hello Gildas,

        We do not have documentation on what that error code might mean. We suggest you contact an ice machine service provider in your area to come check it out. Good luck!!

    1. Hey Allen. Thanks for reaching out!

      I’m sorry to hear your machine is giving you trouble. The HPCO is called “High Pressure Cut Out” and is a safety device connected to the refrigeration system. This is an alert that would require a service technician to diagnose the reason for the alert. We highly recommend you give your local Ice Machine Expert a call.


  2. My Manitowoc Indigo NXT is showing a E2 and a E9. I found what they mean but what is causing this. The ice machine was bought new and was installed about 6 months ago

    1. Hey Tony. Thanks for reaching out!

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your machine. The E02 error code is a long harvest cycle and the E09 error code is a refrigeration component failure. The E09 could cause an E02 with an abnormal ice formation. We highly recommend you give your local Ice Machine Expert a call to confirm system operation.


  3. Hi! My machine is showing a message that is Ooo//Oooooo/Oooooooo// and repeating basically. What is the cause and how can I fix? Thanks!

    1. Hey Jeneca. I’m sorry to hear your ice machine is giving you trouble.

      That doesn’t sound like an error code my technical team can recognize. It is definitely a good idea to call a local ice machine expert to help you diagnose exactly what the issue is and help you resolve it.

      I hope this helps!

    1. Hello, Les. Thanks for reaching out!

      The E3 represents input power loss. This could be due to a tripped breaker, unit unplugged, or a possible loose wire connection.
      The E2 represents a long harvest cycle. This could be a simple adjustment of the thickness control or something more major, but it would require a service technician to diagnose the issue.

      It’s definitely a good idea to call an ice machine technician to help you diagnose these issues!

      I hope this helps!

  4. Hello there !! I have a Model B570 machine and it does not work for me, the LCD shows the following message
    Disp Watchdog
    See 3.00 EU
    Build: 13:13:59
    Apr 15 2011
    but it does not work
    please await your prompt response for the solution to this problem

    1. Hello Javier. Thanks for reaching out!

      The model number you provided is for a bin and not a machine. Our technical team is having a hard time pinpointing the potential cause of the error without a machine model number. You can find the model number on the back of the ice machine.

      It’s definitely best to call an ice machine technician to help you address this in a timely manner!

    1. Hello Gildas,
      Thanks for reaching out. According to the chart above, an E04 error code indicates High Condenser Temperature. This usually means the condenser needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. We recommend that you call a qualified ice machine technician ASAP.

  5. Hola..!!! Me podrían ayudar la máquina me tira el código E40 AS-FC que significa esa falla

    1. Hola buenas tardes. Me llamo Israel. Tengo unos códigos de error
      e3 error en electricidad pero el equipo marca bien el voltaje
      E8 txv no sé que es
      Son dos máquinas las cuales están marcando el mismo código de error e20 .falla en el sistema de agua.
      Modelo idt900n-261

    1. Nuestro equipo verificó la literatura de servicio y no se menciona ningún código de error E40. Lo siento. ¿Podrías comprobar el código de error y comunicarte con nosotros?

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for reaching out. With that code, it could be one of two problems: Starving TXV Single Evaporator or Low On Charge

      What that means is either the unit may have a refrigerant leak, which would have to be repaired and the system recharged with refrigerant, or the TXV (thermostatic expansion valve, a.k.a metering device) has failed and will need replacing. Either way, we suggest you call a service technician to come check the system.

  6. Hi my ice machine works for a bit then shuts itself off , 4 different error codes come up and want to know what they mean, e2, e16, e19 and e20 thank you

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      This is a random series of errors. The codes that best link together are the E02, E19 and E20, which would lean me toward recommending a deep cleaning. The E16 is the anomaly.

      The best way to approach this series of random codes, which could have occurred at various times, is to have an ice machine expert check operation, make sure the unit has been properly deep cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, and check overall operation. When complete, the tech needs to clear the memory so we are assured all of the event codes are current.

  7. My unit starts filling the tray when the water reaches Float water starts coming down over the cube cells then the pump comes on and drains the water and on my alert/message line im getting. A triangle sinble

    1. Hi Johnny,
      Thanks for reaching out. The triangle sign is an alert that something is not right with the operation of the machine. It may be something minor, but it would require an ice machine technician to determine the exact cause of the alert signal. Like automobiles, it may just be a failed sensor creating the signal, similar to a low tire pressure alert on your car and it is not the tire but the sensor. Consider contacting a local technician to determine the source of the alert if it persists. Or you can call us to see if we have service techs in your area – 866.327.9423.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      The E37 code is likely a board issue. It goes back to the original “Green Board” used on those machines. Typically this issue will not alter machine operation and can be removed (but may reappear) by clearing the event log. But FIRST – be sure no other events are stored in the controller memory before clearing.

  8. I have a manitowoc giving me a service code E7 staving txv. My evaporator only ice up 1/2 the way. Check the txv valve and it was frozen solid. My pressure was 20/340. I need to replace the txv?

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Sorry to hear your ice maker is causing you trouble. The E7 starving TXV alert can be activated because of other issues in your Manitowoc machine. There could be a refrigerant charge issue, a water-related issue like a water probe level failure, or something else entirely. It’s difficult to diagnose the issue with certainty based off of just the error code, so in this case, we’d highly recommend you get a technician with experience specific to ice machines to take a look in person.

      Best of luck!

  9. I have a Manitowoc IYT0900A, which shows bin full even thought it is not. The machine is new and it is happening to me in two of them.

    1. Hi Ramiro,

      There are a couple of different reasons this could be happening.

      Manitowoc ice machines are very sensitive to ice bridge thickness. The ice bridge is the thin layer of ice that connects all of the cubes on the evaporator before they fall into bin and break apart. Ice bridge thickness is controlled by the probe over the ice grid, and if it’s set to be too thin (factory setting is 1/8″), ice cubes can break away from the sheet of ice being produced on the evaporator. When the ice breaks away, it can get stuck between the water curtain and the water trough, not allowing the curtain to close all the way. The water curtain interacts with the bin control switch, and if the curtain can’t close, the machine will remain off until the ice melts and the curtain is allowed to close all the way.

      Another possibility—are your machines level? They need to be level front to back and side to side, as these conditions help ensure the bin control is functioning properly. In either case, it’s best to have an experienced ice machine technician check the operation of the machine and verify proper ice bridge thickness and bin control operation.

      Thank you for reaching out, and we hope this information is helpful!

  10. What about an E40 AS-FC fault code. I cannot find any results on a google search.

    And why does my icemachine have 11/01/2024 at the top of my data history?

    1. Hi Pat,

      The E40 error code likely reflects a need to upgrade the firmware in your Manitowoc ice machine to version 9.2. 

      One thing you can do that might solve the error is to go into the machine’s menu, and under “Manual Harvest,” check to see if “Active Sense” is turned on. If it is, turn it off. Upgrading to 9.2 should take care of this issue, but sometimes the upgrade needs to happen twice.

      We can’t say for sure why your data history is showing 11/01/2024 without having a technician diagnose it (same goes for solving the E40 error code) – but the firmware upgrade may solve this issue is well. To be absolutely sure these issues are solved properly, we recommend you get someone with experience specific to ice machines to check it out. Best of luck!

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