A Quick Guide to Manitowoc Error Codes

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Manitowoc Error Codes

Ice machines run into problems from time to time, which is why manufacturers build service features to help users and technicians diagnose problems quickly. Like Hoshizaki beep codes, Manitowoc NXT ice machines have a series of notifications that inform users of potential problems. There are 36 Manitowoc error codes that cover a range of issues that occur within the unit.

This list is only a reference. If you’re an Easy Ice customer who is experiencing one of these Manitowoc ice machine light codes, call one of our helpful service representatives as soon as you can. We’ll send one of our qualified ice machine technicians to your establishment as soon as possible.

Do not try and reset the ice machine or fix the issue yourself. A Manitowoc commercial ice maker is a complicated piece of machinery and you could risk damaging the unit.

24/7 Manitowoc Ice Machine Service

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A List of Manitowoc Error Codes

Below is a list of Manitowoc error codes that cover everything from Manitowoc ice machine production issues to display screen problems. These codes can be viewed on your Manitowoc NXT touchscreen display.

Error CodeDescription
E01Long Freeze Cycle
E02Long Harvest Cycle
E03Input Power Loss
E04High Condenser Temperature
E05High Pressure Control Opened
E07Starving TXV Single Evaporator or Low On Charge
E08TXV Fault Single or Dual Circuit Evaporators
E09Flooding Evaporator Fault Single Evaporator, Single Circuit
E10Flooding Evaporator Fault Dual TXV, Dual Circuit
E11Refrigeration Fault Curtain Fault
E12Curtain Switch Fault – Open more than 24 hours
E15Fan Cycle Control Fault – Low Liquid Line Temperature
E16Remote Condensing Unit Fault (CVD Only)
E19Ice Thickness Probe Fault
E20Water System Fault
E21T1 Temperature Sensor Issue
E22T2 Temperature Sensor Issue
E23T3 Temperature Sensor Issue
E24T4 Temperature Sensor Issue
E25Bin Level Probe Low Sensor Fault
E26T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue
E27T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue
E29USB Communication Fault
E30USB Download Fault
E31Safe Mode
E32RS485 Communication Fault
E33Touchscreen Fault
E34Display Fault
E36Check Sum Error
E37Watch Dog Event
E38UI Comm Event

What to Do If You See a Manitowoc Error Code

If you see one of these Manitowoc ice machine light codes, its best to call a qualified ice machine technician – especially if you notice performance issues with your ice machine. A single error code can have many root causes, and an ice machine technician will have to run a series of tests to see what’s causing the issue. We’ve also put together this Manitowoc ice machine troubleshooting guide as a helpful resource.

If you’re an Easy Ice customer you can call us anytime, 24/7, if the automatic ice machine is showing an error code or not working as it should.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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4 Comments on “A Quick Guide to Manitowoc Error Codes”

    1. Avatar

      Hi Rob,

      The machine has activated an alert and a technician should be called. It may be as simple as a maintenance issue but could also be something more significant. There are a lot of reasons this error message could be occurring, so make sure to give your local ice machine technician a call to help you find a solution.


  1. Avatar

    If my ice machine has an error message of “E08 TXV Fault”, what does that really mean? Do I need to have my machine serviced, or is it a temporary issue? I pressed the power button and the machine started making ice again after about a day, but do I need it serviced and what might be the main issue? Why would we have gotten this error message?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Ray,

      Your Manitowoc ice machine uses 4 different thermistors that measure different temperatures. This error could be a thermistor failure, which would NOT keep the machine from operating, or it could very well be a refrigeration system error. I would recommend calling a technician to look at the machine. If it is a refrigeration problem, it is usually consistent and will give another error code. There are a lot of reasons this error message could be occurring, but the best way to accurately diagnose your problem is to call an ice machine service technician.

      Thank you!

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