Why Choose Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machines?

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Manitowoc Indigo NXT

Manitowoc ice machines have a reputation for being energy-efficient and easy to service. Manitowoc Indigo NXT models come with a bevy of new technology that further bolsters their already stellar reputation. NXT ice machines include touchscreen technology, enhanced energy-efficiency measures, and sanitization improvements that ensure your ice supply is clean and safe.

Let’s look at some of the standout features of Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machines.

Touchscreen Technology

Until the Manitowoc Indigo NXT, ice machines were generally analog appliances. The new additions to the NXT models take ice machines into the digital era. Manitowoc’s easyTouch digital display shows the user the status of their ice machine, alerts to potential problems, and allows users to contact Manitowoc ice machine service providers quickly and easily.

Here are some of the functions of the easyTouch digital display:

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  • Easy Installation: The 12-step setup wizard allows users to set-up their easyTouch system. Configure date and time, configure additional accessories, import data, schedule cleaning reminders, and even schedule which days you want your ice machine to stay off.
  • Status Updates: The easyTouch display screen shows users the current status of their ice machine and how full the bin is. The system alerts users to one of four status phases: program mode, making ice, machine off, or when your Manitowoc ice bin is full.
  • Alerts and Notifications: If there is an issue with the machine, the easyTouch display will alert the user with one of 34 error codes. This helps technicians diagnose issues and quickly get them resolved. If the machine is due for a Manitowoc ice machine cleaning or maintenance visit, the system will notify users.
  • Service Locator: If you are in need of ice machine service, but are not sure who to call, the easyTouch display will suggest local maintenance companies in your area.
  • Diagnostics: The easyTouch system monitors the status of your ice machine 24 hours a day and keeps a running log that technicians can download via USB. This helps technicians quickly determine the issue and get it resolved.

More Energy-Efficient

Manitowoc aimed to exceed the recommendations posed by the Department of Energy Standards. New NXT models go well beyond federal standards for energy efficiency, many of which are Energy Star approved.

Indigo NXT models use less electricity and water than previous Manitowoc Indigo ice makers – which saves businesses money in utility costs. The easyTouch system allows users to shut the machine off automatically on non-business days, saving business owners money during off-hours.

Increased Sanitization Features

Manitowoc Indigo ice machines have always been easy to clean and service. Components are easily removed and replace, limiting work time during Manitowoc ice machine repair and service visits.

In addition, the NXT models come with AlphaSan antimicrobial treatments that hinder the growth of mold, slime, and other contaminants that can make people sick.

Looking for a Manitowoc Indigo NXT for Your Business?

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