Manitowoc Ice Machine Production Guide

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Manitowoc Ice Machine Production Easy Ice

Just like Hoshizaki ice machine production, Manitowoc ice machine production is just as dependent on the surrounding conditions. When water and air temperatures are within optimal ranges, it’s much easier for the ice machine to freeze a batch of ice.

When freeze times take longer, that means less ice within 24 hours. Common ice maker problems also occur in cold temperatures as well!

What Conditions Effect Manitowoc Ice Machine Production?

Manitowoc ice machine production is dependent on temperature conditions. For instance, a Manitowoc IDF-0600A air cooled dice ice machine will only produce its maximum output of 632 lbs of ice in 24 hours if the water is at 50 degrees, and the air temperature is at 70 degrees.

Below are the Manitowoc ice machine production statistics for all our Manitowoc ice maker models. That includes all of our Manitowoc air cooled ice machines, Manitowoc water cooled ice machines, and Manitowoc remote ice machines.

We show three production capacities for each machine: Max, Min, and AHRI. Max production in 24 hours is based water that is 50 degrees and surrounding air at 70 degrees. Min production is determined at 90-degree water and 90-degree air. AHRI production is based on a standard that approximates typical operation conditions most workplaces can maintain, with water at 70 degrees and air at 90 degrees.

Get the Most Out of Your Manitowoc Ice Machine

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Manitowoc Ice Machine Production Chart

Half Dice Ice Machines

ModelMax Prod (50 Water/70 Air)AHRI Prod (70 Water/ 90 Air)
Manitowoc IYT-0500A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine550440
Manitowoc IYT-0500W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine535460
Manitowoc IYT-0500N Remote Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine585500
Manitowoc IYF-0600A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine635555
Manitowoc IYF-0600W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine700580
Manitowoc IYF-0600N Remote Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine642565
Manitowoc IYT-0620A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine525410
Manitowoc IYT-0620W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine560485
Manitowoc IYF-900A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine901710
Manitowoc IYF-900W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine879786
Manitowoc IYT-1200A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine1213950
Manitowoc IYT-1200W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine1138965
Manitowoc IYT-1200N Remote Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine12151000
Manitowoc IYT-1500A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine18001360
Manitowoc IYT-1500W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine17251420
Manitowoc IYT-1500N Remote Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine17701460
Manitowoc IYT-1900A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine19001450
Manitowoc IYT-1900W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine19301670
Manitowoc IYT-1900N Remote Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine18301560

Dice Ice Machines

ModelMax Prod (50 Water/70 Air)AHRI Prod (70 Water/ 90 Air)
Manitowoc IDT-0500A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine520400
Manitowoc IDT-0500W Water Cooled Regular Ice Machine500400
Manitowoc IDT-0500N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine510450
Manitowoc IDF-0600A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine632490
Manitowoc IDF-0600W Water Cooled Dice Ice Machine661565
Manitowoc IDF-0600N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine612535
Manitowoc IDT-0620A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine560450
Manitowoc IDT-0620W Water Cooled Dice Ice Machine530450
Manitowoc IDF-900A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine874664
Manitowoc IDF-900W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine839701
Manitowoc IDT-1200A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine1196950
Manitowoc IDT-1200W Water Cooled Dice Ice Machine1078900
Manitowoc IDT-1200N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine1127960
Manitowoc IDT-1500A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine18001320
Manitowoc IDT-1500W Water Cooled Dice Ice Machine17251480
Manitowoc IDT-1500N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine17101425
Manitowoc IDT-1900A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine19001410
Manitowoc IDT-1900W Water Cooled Dice Ice Machine18701600
Manitowoc IDT-1900N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine19001540

Regular Ice Machines

ModelMax Prod (50 Water/70 Air)AHRI Prod (70 Water/ 90 Air)
Manitowoc IRT-0500A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine500386
Manitowoc IRT-0500W Water Cooled Regular Ice Machine500406
Manitowoc IRT-0620A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine525410
Manitowoc IRF-900A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine797639
Manitowoc IRF-900W Water Cooled Regular Ice Machine773683
Manitowoc IRT-1900A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine18001350
Manitowoc IRT-1900N Remote Cooled Regular Ice Machine17601530

Keep Your Manitowoc Ice Machine Production Performing at 100%

It’s important to know how ice machine perform in different temperatures, so you know what to expect if the heat rises. You can help keep your ice machine’s production rate high by getting routine maintenance and cleaning at least twice a year.

If you’re interested in learning about our all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions, feel free to contact us! If you’re already an Easy Ice customer, we’re on call 24/7 to answer if you any ice machine questions!

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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2 Comments on “Manitowoc Ice Machine Production Guide”

  1. Hiw can i find ice production on this models…WCF1101-w RF2300-w QY1005-w SD1803-w QDO453-W

    1. Hi Ramon,

      If you still have the spec sheets for these models, you would find the production sizes there.

      For quick reference here are the production rates for the models you listed. These are maximum estimates assuming the machines are operating in optimal temperatures of 70*F surrounding air and 50*F incoming water:

      Cornelius WCF1101-w = 1426 lbs/day
      Manitowoc RF2300-w = 2,608 lbs/day
      Manitowoc QY1005-w = 900 lbs/day
      Manitowoc SD1803-w = 1880 lbs/day
      Manitowoc QDO453-W = 490 lbs/day

      Hope this helps!

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