Manitowoc IDT-1500W Water Cooled Dice Ice Machine

1,725 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IDT-1500W ice machine produces up to 1725 lbs of ice a day. This ice machine is a great choice for high-volume bars and restaurants. Manitowoc water cooled ice machines use you water supply to cool internal components rather than air. The Manitowoc IDT-1500W ice machine comes with the easyTouch touch screen display, that lets you know if there is a potential problem with the ice machine. Manitowoc cubers only use the cleanest water to create crystal clear ice cubes that look great in beverages. Manitowoc IDT-1500W ice machines produce their signature “rhomboid” shaped ice cubes. Dice Ice (ID) comes in a compact square shape that is ideal for any beverage type. Dice cubes provide even cooling and elevate the presentation of beverages.

Equipment Details

lbs. per day*
lbs. per day*

Voltage Requirement: 220

Machine Type:
AHRI/Maximum Production
AHRI/Standard Production

Ice Type: Dice Ice

Subscription Program Highlights

  • Total Care Maintenance Program

  • Standard Water Filtration System

  • Free Breakdown Ice

  • Affordable Upgrade Policy

  • No Long-Term Contract

  • Less Expensive Than Owning