Ice Maker Not Working This Summer? Here are the Most Common Problems   

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Ice Maker Not Working

If your ice maker is not working properly, the summer temperature could be the cause.

Many businesses rely heavily on their ice machine. As temperatures rise, you don’t want your ice supply to fall. We know a lot about keeping ice machines running during hot summers. Heat is one of the number one reasons why ice machines stop performing. Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription program is designed to keep ice machines running in the toughest environments.

We want to share some of our knowledge with you. Here are the most common ice maker problems that may cause your industrial ice maker to stop working in the summer and what you can do to solve them.

Lower Ice Cube Production

When ice machine manufacturers test the ice cube production, it’s under optimal temperatures. These are within rooms that are 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 50-degree water running to the ice cube maker.

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During the summer when it’s hotter, these temperatures are harder to keep in check. As the internal temperature of your ice maker goes up, it can cause your ice maker to stop working. This is simply how ice machines work, which is why it’s important to do all you can to keep your automatic ice machine cool. Ice machine manufacturers list these production values in you ice machine spec sheet. Additionally, certain brands of commercial ice machines, like Hoshizaki and Manitowoc, will use different beep codes to warn users if that machine is operating poorly.

There are things you can actively do before summer hits to help keep your ice maker running smoothly in the heat. Keeping up with ice machine maintenance procedures is one of the best ways to make sure temperatures inside your ice machine stay cool. Dust, dirt, and grease can cling to vital ice maker components insulating the heat within. That why we include at least two professional cleanings a year for every ice machine we install. Along with preventive maintenance, we individually clean parts within a dirty ice maker to keep it running like new.

Ice Machine Quit Working? Check Your Room Temperature

If your ice machine is producing enough ice, you may assume it’s keeping a decent temperature. What you might not know is that the unit could be running hot, and now that summer is in full swing, the temperatures can be extreme. Newer commercial ice machines may survive a few of these summers, but years of high temperatures will eventually take their toll.

Most technician calls report the ice maker not working as well as it used to, often because it’s overheated.

As the summer heat increases the room temperature, even a little, the machine runs the risk of overheating and your ice maker not working properly.

There are a few causes that can raise the internal temperature of your machine without your knowledge:

  • The area around your machine isn’t properly ventilated
  • It’s stored in a small room where heat gets trapped (e.g. closets, cubbies)
  • The ice maker is in a hot room (e.g. Kitchens, warehouses without AC)
  • Too much clutter around the ice machine blocking vents
  • Not cleaning and maintaining your commercial ice machine properly

Installing your ice maker in a safe environment is key. You want to make sure your ice maker is in a temperature-controlled room, preferably with a good, central air conditioner. Ideally, you want the temperature of the room to stay as close to 70 degrees as possible.

Proper ventilation is also important. You don’t want your ice machine in a small, enclosed room. Open doors or venting can help hot air to escape, provided air is moving throughout the space. A good way to get the air moving is by placing fans in the direction you want the heat to escape.

Challenging environments are such a common problem for commercial ice machines that we include a thorough site survey before installing any ice machine. This helps limit potential problems in the future – and keeps our customers’ ice supply safe and reliable.

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Ice Maker Not Working? Check Your Water Temperature

Another common ice machine problem is water temperature. As we stated before, commercial ice machines run on an optimal water temperature of 50 degrees.

Most water lines run underground, where they’re insulated against extreme summer temperatures. This is not always the case – sometimes water lines run through walls or even through the roof. When this happens, the water lines are more likely to be exposed to the outside heat. During particularly hot summers, these water lines can heat up, and push hot water to your ice machine. In these instances, Easy Ice has measured water temperatures as high as 140 degrees!

Commercial ice machine manufacturers install a safeguard in each ice machine that causes it to shut down when it’s overheating. This is to prevent the ice machine from getting too hot and causing irreparable damage to the unit. Although the intentions are well placed, shutoffs cause interruptions that can leave your business with very little ice if you don’t catch them early enough.

This is yet another reason why proper installation is one of the key factors in extending the life of your ice machines.

Increased Ice Demand

As if all these ice machine problems weren’t enough, increased demand is another challenge to consider. Many business owners don’t realize how much the demand for ice can increase during the summer. People are more dehydrated and require more ice-cold water to cool down.

If you run a business that has an outdoor patio, ice demand can also increase drastically during the summer. As heat beats down, customers drink more, and that means more ice.

Therefore, it’s important to get the right sized ice machine to account for the most demanding months.

There’s No Need to Deal with an Ice Maker not Working This Summer

Understanding the most common problems ice machines face in summer can give you a good framework to prepare for the summer season. In the event your ice maker is not working, you’ll have the knowledge you can use to communicate with an ice machine technician during an ice machine repair.

At Easy Ice, our slogan is, “Ice in your bin – guaranteed.” We are confident we can deliver on this promise because we help customers choose the perfectly sized ice machine to meet their business needs. We also include professional cleaning and preventive maintenance to ensure your ice machine works every season – including the tough summer months!

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